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DUTERTE wants Trillanes, de Lima to be next president

Trillanes, de Lima to run in 2022 instead of Sara

 July 13, 2021

MANILA – President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday said he would rather have either one of his two staunchest critics become the next president than have his daughter, Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte, succeed him.In a pre-recorded public address, Duterte again expressed disapproval after his daughter… Read More



 by ROGER M. BALANZA                               

 From our perch in Mindanao in Davao City, we could only say there was opportunity lost to kick out GMA in that Trillanes and Lim caper at the Manila Peninsula in Makati.           

Thanks to the pesky Manila media.           

We say lost opportunity because this latest attempt to lure support to oust GMA could have been converted into a real springboard to bigger things—albeit the bloody consequence it would have entailed.           

Had not the pesky Manila media not thrown a monkey wrench into the Pen incident—by shielding the mutineers with their presence in the Pen—these are the scenarios that could have led to what I call bigger things to happen ahead:            

Scene ONE. Police/military order media members out of Pen. If they refuse to budge, smuggle in gas masks to hotel for Trillanes and Lim and the other mutineers. Attack the hotel with laughing gas, to force members of the press out of the hotel. Give deadline for Trillanes and company to surrender. If they refuse to give up, call in the SWAT to rain the function room they were holed in with M14, M16, M203, etc. Pick up the RIP bodies of Trillanes and company and show footage of brutal killings on national television.           

 Consequence: Revolution.            

 Scene TWO. If the members of the press would not run out of the hotel despite nearly laughing to death from the laughing gas, send SWAT to carry out the last scenes above.            Consequence: Revolution with international support.             

Trillanes’s eyes had the suicidal glint when he was interviewed by television indicating he was serious when he said he has the will and the fighting spirit to face the consequence of his action—before turning himself in. We take that statement as Trillanes willingness to face death—an opportunity denied him by the pesky media which never left his side. Had media let Trillanes and company alone and give government troopers a chance to kill them, these could have sparked a national outrage of the same intensity as the killing of Ninoy Aquino that led to Marcos’s ouster.