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GO ON COVID-19 FUND PROBE: Truth must prevail


“We want these issues resolved soon so that the whole country can bring back its focus on the most important task at hand, which is overcoming this pandemic and saving lives,” Senator Bong Go said as the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee chaired by Senator Dick Gordon continues an investigation into alleged anomalies in the handling by the administration of President Rodrgo Duterte of the multi-billion-peso Covid-19 response fund.

In his weekly column “GOing Forward.Go said that “should cases of anomalies be substantiated, said cases must be filed immediately against those involved.”

Everyone concerned must allow truth to prevail in the ongoing probe of alleged irregularities in the country’s pandemic response, he said.

“Given these, we should allow the auditing processes to proceed in accordance with the applicable rules and procedures before passing any judgment out of fairness to those involved or implicated,” he said.

Go cautioned the public against people using legislative probes for political gain.

“If we continue to allow certain personalities to use these fora to push for their own political agenda and personal interests, we risk losing the credibility of our institutions and, worse, we put at risk more lives given that every second counts when every Filipino’s survival is at stake,” he said.

The probes will serve mo purpose in ferreting out the truth “if we allow unsubstantiated claims and wild conspiracies” aimed at discrediting the efforts of the Duterte administration to prosper at the expense of seeking justice and revealing the truth, Go said.