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Tagum City Mayor Rey Uy: Opposition mayoral bet backed by tax evaders



Mayor Rey Uy said mass support for son councilor De Carlo “Oyo” Uy was expected to translate to a win in the coming May polls next year, with rival vice mayor Allan Rellon counting on sparse votes from “tax evaders.”
Uy is on his last term and has fielded Oyo as standard bearer of the Liberal Party in the coming race for the city’s top post.
Rellon is supported by tax evaders, said Uy, during an interview last week that was aired in a Davao City-based television network.
He did not elaborate on his verbal blast against the vice mayor.
But sources said Rellon was lukewarm on tax proposals introduced by Uy years ago that included increases in real property tax.
Uy also did not say if Rellon’s supposed backers he called as tax cheats come from landed property owners.
The mayor is known for his innovative administration and revenue generation initiatives that raised annual revenues and played key role in pushing at speed Tagum City’s race to become one of the most progressive component cities in the country.
Oyo has vowed to continue with the “legacy” of his father, who is bowing out after nine years as city mayor.
Uy verbally snapped at Rellon last week as the vice mayor filed his certificate of candidacy to challenge Oyo.
He said the Liberal Party slate headed by Oyo is the perfect team for the job of ensuring the continuing progress and development of Tagum City.
Far ahead of the coming May battle, Oyo has spelled out his platform of governance that included strengthening the support to education, comprehensive health and community services, social protection through strengthening peace and order, extensive infrastructure program, continuance of housing development program, support to the agricultural sector, boosting of the city’s tourism efforts and cultural aspects, toughen the city government’s environmental programs and strengthening public-private partnership.