THE DURIAN BEAT: Sara can still run for President, without substituting for Bato

Sara for President in 2022 still alive


Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte can still run for President in the 2022 elections through substitution, even if she cannot substitute for Senator Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa or Ernie Abella, who have filed their Cetificates of Candidacy (COC) for president seen as in preparation for Sara’s presidency by substitution.

Sara has dumped a presidential run and has already filed a reelection bid. But speculations are rife she would withdraw her mayoral bid and switch to a crack at the presidency and file her COC before November15, the deadline for filing by substitution candidates.

But who will Sara replace as a presidential candidate?


She cannot replace Bato, a close ally of her father President Rodrigo Duterte, who belongs to the ruling party Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-Laban), who filed his COC under that party. Also note that Sara has said that she and the regional party she founded, the Hugpong ng Pagbabago, are not comfortable with the PDP-Laban, that is chaired by President Duterte.

Sara also cannot be a subsitute for Abella, a former Duterte spokesman, because he filed his COC as an independent candidate.

The Omnibus Election Code says a candidate can only be subsituted by another who belongs to the same party, which rules out Bato. An independent candidate, like Abella, can not also be substituted under the rules of the election code.

So, quo vadis Sara, if she wants to answer the call of Pinoys to be the country’s next President if she cannot file as a subsitution for Bato and Abella?

There is a knight in shining armor and a party she can hold on to in this predicament: Leonardo Fernandez, who has filed his COC for President, and the Partido Pilipino sa Pagbabago (PPP), the national party that he leads. If Sara is looking for somebody to substitute, it is Fernandez. The election code does not bar any politicians from joininganyparty. The party would welcome her with open arms because it has in fact prepared the Fernandez presidential bid for the eventuality of a subsitution secenario for the 2022 polls for Sara.

What now? Sara becomes a member of PPP, gets a Certification of Nomination and Acceptance (CONA), go to Comelec anytime during the substitution period that ends on November 15, file a new COC and CONA as substitute for Fernandez, and, given that she is way, way ahead by many miles against potential rivals in the presidential preference surveys by Social Weather Stations and Pulse Asia, zoom away to victory in the race to Malacanang in May 2022.


The scenario of Sara runnong for President as a subsitute candidate of the Partido Pilipino sa Pagbabago (PPP) is detailed in a Manila Times, October 9, report:

PPP presidential candidate offers slot for Mayor Sara

The chairman of the Davao-based Partido Pilipino sa Pagbabago (PPP) has filed his Certificate of Candidacy (COC) for president to keep their hopes of a Sara Duterte-Carpio presidency alive.

Former Tourism Secretary and Cebu gubernatorial candidate Ace Durano disclosed this move by PPP chairman Leonardo Fernandez.

Durano, regional president of PPP-Central Visayas, said Fernadez filed his COC for president so that Duterte-Carpio will have the option for a substitution should the Davao City mayor decide to run for the country’s highest government position.

The filing of COC ended last Friday, October 8, but changes remain possible as the deadline for substitution is on November 15 yet.

“During the convention, the PPP nominated Inday Sara-Duterte as the party’s candidate for president,” said Durano.

“Now the chairman of PPP, Mr. Leo Fernandez filed COC for President to give an opportunity to Mayor Inday for substitution if she decides to run for president,” Durano added.


The possibility of Senator Ronald dela Rosa becoming President after the 2022 national elections, ends on or before November 15, 2021.

The ruling PDP-Laban party is Senator Dela Rosa in the 2022 presidential race as Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte is not running for President and only seeking reelection.

Will this close the door for Sara to run for President? No.

Because Bato is only a scapegoat for the presidential daughter’s race to the Palace to replace her father President Rodrigo Duterte whose term ends in 2022.

There is a law in Philippine elections that allows subsitution of candidates who have already filed their Certificate of Candidacy (COC)— deadline is October 8 — with the Commission on Elections (Comelec).

Sara running for President is easy and simple as ABC. On or before November 15 — the deadline for submission of the COC of the substituting candidate — Sara withdraws her COC filed with Comelec Davao for Davao City Mayor, and then file another COC for President with Comelec national.

It happened before. President Duterte filing for President through substitution in the 2016 election. This is going to happen again.

With the nation eagerly awaiting Sara— a no-show to thelast minute — to file her presidential bid, Dela Rosa filed his COC) at the Sofitel Garden Tent in Pasay Friday (October 8), taking everyone by surprise.

Should it still be go for Sara’s presidential run by substitution?

There could be a hitch. Remember, Sara is chair of her regional party Hugpong ng Pagbabago (HNP). Senator dela Rosa is PDP-Laban.

Political parties can substitute candidates until November 15. The person who will be fielded as a substitute, however, should be from the same party as the aspirant who will be replaced.

Ernesto Abella, a former spokesperson of Duterte,also filed his COC for president on October 8. Could Abella be another scapegoat for Sara? Maybe.

But Abella could not be substituted bySara.

He filed his COC as an independent candidate.

According to the rules of the Comelec, substitution is not allowed for independent bets.

Are we looking at Bato as the next President of the Philippines?

But wait.

There is a third angle to this brouhaha over whether Sara will run or not for president.

Sara has said she was not comfy about being in the company of PDP-Laban? Forget that.

The Comelec says that the person who will be fielded as a substitute should be from the same party as the aspirant who will be replaced? No Problem!

Sara, for the sake of the country, could take her oath anytime as PDP-Laban member and file her COC to substitute for Bato on or before November 15. Neat.

So, stop wailing, you Pinoys losing hope over their dream that the next leader of the Philippines should be a President Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio. Madayaw Dabaw!


IN MY FISH FARM – AquaBalanza Ornamental Fish Farm – in Davao City, my menu, in these days of the new corononavirus (COVID-19) food crisis, of government- rationed odong, noodles, canned sardines and corned beef; and vegetables with bulad, guinamos or uyap, is spiced up, sometimes, by exotic food that should be the envy of everybody even the Chinese.

I gobble them up – wow! ang sarap! – like a piranha even as some authorities say that COVID-19 started from wild, exotic animals eaten by Chinese.

IMG_20200421_090621 (1)

China is said to be the source of multiple recent contagions breaking out and spreading around the world because of the Chinese culture of eating some animals such as bats, snakes, cats, dogs and anything eatable that normally is not found in a normal household table.

Accordingly, viruses from these animals were transmitted from the animal to the people and that’s why China IS BLAMED AS THE SOURCE of a lot of these viruses like SARS, MERS, the swine flu and now the COVID-19.
IN MY FISH FARM, regularly on the table are pantat (cat fish), halwan (mud fish), tikling and lapay (marsh birds), seagull, tulabong (heron) and bull frogs. The back-up feast of these exotic food, at least spared my kois and goldfishes — the primary ornamental fishes we grow at the farm — from ending in the pot in sinugba, fried and pinaksiw status.
I was knee-deep in muddy water repairing a dike in one of my large mud ponds, when the head of something that I thought at first to be a cobra, emerged from a hole in the dike!
I IMMEDIATELY GRABBED THE HEAD, and bingo!, IT WAS A MONITOR LIZARD (halo in Bisdak, bayawak in Tagalog).
Who cares about SARS, MERS or COVID-19?

THE DURIAN BEAT: Jun Bacolod, Covid-19 and acts of compassion and kindness

We need more Good Samaritans and philanthropists

the durian beatBy ROGER M. BALANZA

There are angels who appear to bring kindness and compassion and help in man’s hour of need.
I had this experience as the country staggers from the onslaught of the New Coronavirus Disease aka Covid-19.

bacolod 10

On Sunday, March 29, I supervised distribution of about one hundred food packs in the small village of Maisan in Malatabis, Lizada in Toril district in Davao City.
Consisting of families of pedicab drivers, jeepney drivers. fishermen, vegetable farmers, construction workers and others who are mostly daily income earners, Maisan is just one of the many villages in Davao City hit hard by the economic impact of the coronavirus tragedy.
A day before, a friend, Nene Berato, called by phone to inform that a “friend” of hers wants to donate foodstuffs to families who lost income as government declared a nationwide state of emergency to stave off the further spread of Covid-19.
Could I handle the distribution?
bacolod 5The state of emergency imposed a community quarantine that practically closed down businesses in the city and immobilized the Dabawenyos forcing them to stay at home.
For daily wage earners, the lockdown was catastrophic and rendered kitchens without any food to eat.
For the people of Maisan, the small packs of rice, canned sardines and groceries our team distributed could at least drive away hunger for a day or two. The most that I could do was bring to them the aid.
As a senior citizen in semi-retirement from journalism, I have imposed on myself a forced quarantine in my small ornamental fish farm not far from Maisan, following to the letter admonitions against Covid-19 infection by health authorities: staying at home, wearing face mask, social/physical distancing, more vitamin C. vegetables in the diet and all.
My children advised me not to bite Nene Berato’s request for a morbid reason: At 72, I am a potential candidate for a Covid-19 assault based on World Health Organization (WHO) statistics: Most of fatalities in the coronavirus infections were aged 60 years old and upwards.
The ongoing battle against Covid-19 is a war with morbid figures: In the Philippines, more than a thousand infected, with deaths nearing 50 and spreading in the provinces; worldwide, more than half-a-million cases and growing, thousands dead and the disease gnawing at almost all the countries of the world.
“Bayanihan To Heal As One,” the battle cry of unity that President Rodrigo Duterte used in an edict he issued urging Filipinos to unite against the deadly disease, rings nationwide as Filipinos contribute to the effort to fight Covid-19 in whatever they can.
I thought about the health workers – doctors, nurses and volunteers — who are in the frontlines risking their life and health in the battle against the deadly virus.
I thought that distributing food packs in Maisan entails a small risk compared to what the health workers faced.
I should be, nay, I must be, part of the President’s “Bayanihan To Heal As One.”
Also, I must not disappointment an angel who wanted to help his fellowmen in this hour of need.
And so, off I went to Maisan with a team to bring the pre-packed food aid donated by Jun Bacolod, the friend of Nene Berato.
jun-bacolodI came to know of “Jun Bacolod,” whose personal circumstances I am ignorant about, as an “anonymous philanthropist” who years ago donated a sizable sum to the House of Hope, a center for children with cancer, located at the Southern Philippines Medical Center, a project supported by then Mayor Duterte.
With business closing down and economic activity at a standstill, the Covid-19 attack is now more than a health security crisis, hitting most the poor who lost jobs and livelihood because of the lockdown.
Hunger is staring at us.
I write this story about an angel coming to the succor of the needy,  not in praise of Jun Bacolod.
There are are many companies who, out of benevolence and compassion, help their displaced employees with emergency cash and food aid. There are many companies rolling into play their corporate social responsibility (CSR) to assist communities.
There are many individuals, with wealth to spare driven by compassion to help those in need, packing rice and groceries for distribution.

bacolod 2



Good deeds beget good deeds.

I write this story of Jun Bacolod, the heroic health workers and the many others who march in unison with President Duterte’s “Bayanihan To Heal As One” battle cry, so that more of them would be inspired to help those in need in this most trying of times for the Filipinos.

The administration of President Duterte is doing its best to make life less painful for the Filipinos amid the Covid-19 tragedy but it should not be left alone in the fight against the deadly disease and the horror it inflicts on the people. 

We need more Good Samaritans, philanthropists and Jun Bacolods. 



“Let us work together on achieving our vision and the safety and security of the homeless in a house they can call their own, where opportunities will enable the people to rise from poverty.”

durian beat
By Roger Balanza

There is a day that the Pinoy homeless poor should celebrate: September 6, 2019.
On that day, government agencies and various stakeholders with a heart and mission to provide a home to every Filipino homeless family congregated to map out a plan to strengthen the government’s socialized housing program.

On that day, the First Social Housing Convergence that gathered all government agencies and other stakeholders concerned with the implementation of the government’s socialized housing program, was held in Manila. Juxtaposed against the country’s housing backlog of more than 6 million, the gathering other than being historic might as well be the best pro-poor action of the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte and the government’s housing agencies.

del rosario shfc
The Convergence was led by Secretary Eduardo del Rosario, chairman of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC) and Social Housing Finance Corporation (SHFC) President Arnolfo Ricardo Cabling. HUDCC is the focal agency of the government’s housing program; SHFC is the financing arm of low-cost socialized housing for the country’s homeless poor.
The day-long Convergence, held at the Land Bank of the Philippines Plaza in Ermita and organized by SHFC, was the culminating event of the celebration of the 31st anniversary of the Community Mortgage Program (CMP), the flagship program of the SHFC.
The gathering of more than 200 people from government agencies and various stakeholders was spiced up by the attendance of special guests Senator Francis Tolentino, chairman of the Senate Committee on Housing and Urban Development, and Negros Occidental Representative Jose Francisco Benitez, vice chairman of the House Committee on Housing and Urban Development.
Sen. Tolentino urged social housing stakeholders to join hands in building resilient houses using mass production techniques for the country to meet its target of providing homes to the country’s poor and those displaced by disasters like earthquake and typhoons or moved out of risk areas.
Rep. Benitez, for his part, assured the SHFC and all other key shelter agencies of the House support for legislative initiatives on housing and urban development. Benitez also highlighted House Bill 42 or the Local Government-Led In-Site, In-City, or Near-City Resettlement Act.
The bill will ensure the sustainability and viability of resettlement sites through access to services and employment opportunities, Benitez said.
Rep. Benitez, who represented Rep. Strike Revilla (Cavite, 2nd District), chairman of the House Committee on Housing and Urban Development, also stressed the key role that SHFC will play in the implentation of Bill 42.
Lauding the CMP as a testament to the “bayanihan” spirit of the people, Benitez congratulated SHFC for its “invaluable work on providing flexible, affordable, innovative and responsive shelter solutions to homeless low-income families.”
He also praised the agency for its partnership with national agencies, local governments and civil society organizations that resulted to the efficient implementation of the government’s socialized housing programs.
Land Bank President and CEO Cecilia “Cecile” C. Borromeo, who welcomed the participants, assured of continuing financial support for the BALAI program, the comprehensive program crafted by housing czar del Rosario.
BALAI (Building Adequate, Liveable, Affordable and Inclusive) houses for Filipino Communities, established a unified vision for all government shelter agencies under the supervision of HUDCC to speed up delivery of solutions to the country’s housing woes.
What made the Convergence a big success is that the country’s housing program, particularly low-cost housing, earned legislative support of the Senate and the House, continuing funding support from a government bank, willing collaboration of private sector housing community and the various stakeholders. This is a positive brew that could prop up towards success the government’s mission to provide a home to every homeless Pinoy.
There are about 4.5 million homeless people in the Philippines of a population of about 106 million, about 3 million of them in Manila, according to the Philippine Statistics Office.
Cabling said the SHFC target is 200,000 houses from today up to 2022, for a total number of units of 500,000 built since it was founded 30 years ago. The SHFC over the past three decades poured over P14 billion, under its CMP program, in housing loan assistance to more than 300,000 families.
The cost of providing a roof over the heads of the millions of the homeless poor Pinoys may be staggering, but solidarity in purpose and unity in action could help the country resolve the housing woes.
As Rep. Benitez, in his speech at the Convergence, said: “Let us work together on achieving our vision and the safety and security of the homeless in a house they can call their own, where opportunities will enable the people to rise from poverty.” (Published in PNA)



the durian beat
By Roger Balanza


Kapa, among the Tagalogs, means to grope, the act of blindly looking for something out-of sight using the hand. If we throw in sexual desire, kapa means groping at those where the hand should not be without permission. But the naughty type of kapa we leave out, this piece being not about sex but about the seriousness of the fate of victims who lost billions of pesos in the biggest scandal involving gullible and greedy Pinoys dreaming of becoming millionaires out of their investments of a few thousand pesos in just a few months.
The Bisaya has a word that sounds similar to the Tagalogs’ kapa — kapakapa, which means plodding through difficult financial straits.
The Tagalog’s kapa and the Bisayas’ kapakapa, taken together, may as well describe the current situation of victims of investment scams: they kapa, groping blindly for hope they would recover their loses; and are now kapakapa, in hard times, ruing and crying over their lost investments.

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KAKAPAKAPAKAPAKAPABA? Will you still invest and lose your shirt? Are you hoping you can get your money back?
Methink, we should invite another Tagalog word in this piece, kaba, which means fear.
Kakabakabakapaba? Do you fear that your investment is now totally lost? Fear no more because, whether you like it or not, your hard earned money is lost, forever.
Kakapakapakapakapaba? No more, because there is no hope of getting back your money and you will have the misery of having been a fool to invest in a scam.
The original investment scam Ponzi scheme gravitates around the adage “early birds get the worms.” It promises high returns on investment, with the first investors, the early birds, getting the moolah and laughing their way to the bank. The early birds spread the news about the bonanza to lure more birds, who get no worms, because investment scams are not forever. In this scam, late investors subsidize returns of the early birds. When saturation levels are reached and there are no more new investors, the scheme collapses.
The biggest scam of all, the Mindanao-based KAPA or Kabus Padatoon Community Ministry of self-proclaimed pastor, Joel Apolinario, promised a 30 percent monthly Return-On-Investment (ROI). Introducing itself as a religious organization, Kapa claims a membership of 3 million, who “donate,” not “invest,” their money to the Apolinario “ministry.” Kapa is considered to be the biggest ever investment scam in the Philippines that used religion as a front.
Kapa became a big success in key cities in Mindanao and spawned copy cat get rich schemes that promised ROIs of as much as 400% every month.
As competition became stiff, and “pay-ins” (new investments) became scarce, Kapa and the rest of the scammers defaulted on “pay-outs” (ROIs). The racketeers overcame the crisis by selling its long-term, compounded interest “lock-in” scheme, where the investors do not get monthly returns but will become instant millionaires after a few months or years.
With pay-ins getting thin and the promised pay-outs slowly vanishing, investors started to grumble loud and alerted the slow-footed Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) which was awakened from its stupor three years a after scams like Kapa started their illegal operation.
SEC declared Kapa as without registration as an investment company and issued a cease-and-desist order against the fake ministry. SEC also declared several other copycat scammers illegal.
The rest is history: as thousands cried over their money, Apolinario and the brains of the other investment scams went missing.
They flew away with the billions of pesos of the duped investors who still hope to recover their investments, which is next to impossible.

scam victims 3


President Rodrigo Duterte orders closure of Kapa and other investment scams.
Kapa execs face raps over securities law violations
SC junks investors’ plea vs. Kapa closure
Warrantless arrest for Kapa members
Davao court hands down travel ban vs Kapa execs
DOJ orders Kapa execs to answer SEC raps
Search warrants issued vs. groups in investment scam
DOJ places Kapa execs under immigration watchlist
NBI, CIDG intensify raids vs. offices of Kapa, others
‘Investors’ told to file charges vs. invest scam officers
Apolinario, other Kapa execs no-show in DOJ hearing

duterte kapa

Remember that what happened above is not exclusive to Kapa. Similar actions will be a reality for the other scheming outfits and their officers, the drive against the investment scammers being a full-blown war ordered by the President to save more people being duped to part with their money.
The saddest reality here is that investors should say goodbye to even the slightest of hopes they would be able to recover their money.
After being fleeced by Apolinario’s investment scam, they now blame President for ordering the closure of the illegal Kapa and demanding for the continued operation of the racket they claim lifted them out of poverty. They have conducted massive prayer rallies to convince the President, coupling their demand with an insane political threat they would field Apolinario for President in 2022 against Duterte’s candidate.
The government can never be responsible for the foolishness of citizens who out of greed for quick money willingly fall prey to illegal activities like investment scams.
Tolerating the racket of Apolinario and company
meant that President Duterte should also tolerate drug dealing because many pushers make a living out of drugs.


Mayor Sara to personally campaign against Alvarez

the durian beatBy ROGER M. BALANZA

Developing in Davao del Norte is the report that the world of First
District Rep. Pantaleon Alvarez is getting smaller with President
Rodrigo Duterte’s PDP/Laban and Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte’s
Hugpong Ng Pagbabago (HNP)  locking arms in a political
alliance to frustrate the reelection bid of the former Speaker of the
House of Representatives.

PDP/Laban is the vehicle that President Duterte rode in the
presidential race in 2016. The President chairs the ruling
party;Alvarez is the secretary general.

HNP is a regional political party organized by presidential
daughter Mayor Sara together with the governors of the Davao
Region in support of the programs of the Duterte administration.
Mayor Sara has already made known where she stands in Davao
del Norte in the May 13 mid-term election: the HNP is supporting
incumbent Governor Anthony del Rosario who is challenging
Alvarez’s return to Congress.

Del Rosario is the vice chairman of the HNP.

Mayor Sara has vowed to personally campaign against Alvarez.
She had called Alvarez an “asshole” after the then Speaker called
HNP as an “opposition party” and reportedly boasted that as
Speaker he can have President Duterte impeached. She is said to
have been a key figure in the ouster of Alvarez as Speaker in July
last year.

The President of late has said that political decisions of the
Duterte family now rest on daughter Mayor Sara.
Between the President and Mayor Sara, the situation is “like
daughter, like father.” Whatever Mayor Sara wants, the President

If Anthony del Rosario is Mayor Sara’s boy in the Davao del Norte
race, the President will have to say Okay with me.
If Alvarez is Mayor Sara’s punching bag, then so be it, the
President might say.

President Duterte’s body language appears to share Mayor Sara’s
dislike towards the ex-Speaker.

He has admitted that he did not lift a finger when Mayor Sara
instigated the ouster of Alvarez.

On Friday night last week, the President was announced as set to
attend the Grand Rally of the PDP/Laban senatorial slate at the
Crocodile Park in Davao City.

alvarez crocodile park
Alvarez was in the rally waiting in the wings for a chance to get a
hand-raising public endorsement for his reelection bid and
support for candidates under the Alvarez Wing, a faction of the
PDP/Laban he formed in Davao del Norte to backstop his
reelection bid.

The President did not show up at the rally, apparently to avoid a
situation where he would be expressing support for a candidate
not supported by daughter Mayor Sara.

Whether or not the President’s absence was intentional, talks that
spread in social media that night made jokes out of Alvarez: the
President is avoiding Crocodile Park due to a report that a giant
crocodile had escaped from his gate.

Before the Crocodile Park debacle for Alvarez, he and his leading
bets in the Alvarez Wing dogged the President in the PDP/Laban
campaign rallies in Laguna and Cebu, in an apparent attempt at a
photo-shoot with President Duterte raising their hands. Their
efforts were futile.

Later, the Alvarez camp released a photo of the President raising
the hands of Alvarez Wing candidate Edwin Jubahib for governor
and Vice Governor Alan Dujali for Second District congressman.
The photo turned out to be a photo-shopped forgery.

duterte endorse
Rubbing salt to Alvarez’s injury were photos, released days later
after the forged photo of the Alvarez camp, taken in Villamor Air
Base, showing President Duterte and Mayor Sara raising the
hands of HNP candidates Gov. del Rosario, re-electionist 2nd
District Rep. Antonio “Tonyboy” Floirendo and Rodolfo “Rodney”
del Rosario for Governor.

The Crocodile Park ‘no-show” of President Duterte is reverberating in Davao del Norte with a fatal backlash on Alvarez:
Reports have it that Alvarez’s PDP/Laban/Alvarez Wing is suffering
from a terrible loose bowel attack with its ranks now secretly
planning for a mass exodus towards Mayor Sara’s HNP.

alvarez foes
Which should be a politically correct move: With President Duterte
and the PDP/Laban, Mayor Sara and the HNP and almost all of the
established political personalities in DavNor up against Alvarez,
who would support a sure loser in the coming May 13 contest?

Beside that, the people of Davao del Norte love so much their
President and would only vote for the President’s choice,
Governor Anthony del Rosario, and not Alvarez who boasted that
as the then House Speaker, the country’s No. 4 most powerful
official, he had the power to kick out President Duterte out of

duterte alvarez 2


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the durian beat

Davao del Norte gubernatorial bet virtual unknown Edwin Jubahib said President Rodrigo Duterte should look into his allegation that former Governor Rodolfo del Rosario and some members of his family “land-grabbed” land of more than 600 small banana farmers.

Dili gusto ani si Presidente (The President would not like this), Jubahib said.

Kinahanglan mahibal-an gyod ni ni Presidente Duterte (President Duterte should know about this), said Jubahib, after accompanying two weeks ago two banana farmers in filing a case against the former governor and other members of his family.

Jubahib has publicly admitted he is giving legal and financial aid to the farmers, in the case related to foreclosure of collateral in the loan secured by the farmers from the Del Rosario-owned Century Rural Bank. Is Jubahib being magnanimous? Pro-poor?

Hardly. POlitics of the most heinous kind is running in his blood. 

Jubahib’s act, shaming the Del Rosarios, an institution in Davao del Norte’s political landscape, before the eyes of the President,  should be seen as a calculated attempt to draw a wedge between the President and his daughter Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte. He wants to earn political benefits the dirty way from the fact that the Dutertes belong to different parties. 

Jubahib is running for Governor under the banner of the Alvarez Wing of deposed House Speaker 1st District Rep. Pantaleon Alvarez, secretary general of the Partido Demokratiko Pilipino/Lakas ng Bayan (PDP/Laban), the party of President Duterte.

The former bus conductor is pitted against Board Member Rodolfo “Rodney” del Rosario Jr., son of the former governor.

Gov. Anthony del Rosario, younger brother of Rodney is contesting the reelection of Alvarez, while 2nd District Rep. Antonio Floirendo will defend his post against Vice Governor Alan Dujali of the Alvarez Wing.

The Del Rosarios and Floirendo are running under the flag of the Hugpong Ng Pagbabago (HNP), a regional political party organized by president daughter Mayor Duterte.

By urging President Duterte to investigate the Del Rosarios, Jubahib’s agenda is to create a rift between the President, who belongs to the party of Alvarez, and his daughter, Mayor Sara Duterte, who is supporting the Del Rosarios.

This is pure 101 percent dirty politics.

Not only that, this former bus conductor who cannot speak even a single line in English, clearly is an ignoramus as he cannot distinguish between “foreclosure” and “landgrabbing.”

The bank foreclosed the property of the farmer-borrowers because they failed to pay their loan. Foreclosure is a normal and legal process against bank borrowers who default.

And yet this simpleton Jubahib, who dreams of becoming a governor, says it is land-grabbing.

This skunk not only wants President Duterte to quarrel with Mayor Sara: He also wants to create a spat between the President and the Del Rosarios, whose friendship has a long history.

This former bus conductor has full of air in his head. Just because he has become an errand boy for an ex-Speaker, he thinks he can now maneuver the President into a collision with Mayor Inday and the Del Rosarios because he has the insane idea that he would be the governor after the May 13 election. Right now he is bullying President Duterte into a confrontation with the Del Rosarios.

This nincompoop Jubahib thinks just like Alvarez who said that as Speaker of the House of Representatives and the No. 4 Most Powerful man in the country, he can have President Duterte impeached.      


Voters of Davao del Norte may simply dismiss this personal assistant/errand boy of Alvarez. For after all he and his ex-Speaker now wallow in the murky bottom of pre-poll surveys.

But his insanity should be allowed to pass. And Jubahib  should be allowed to spew out more of the insane ideas in his skull  in order for Davao del Norte voters to be amply informed about a candidate for Governor who appears like an escapee from a mental institution!