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MATI CITY Kamunaan – House of Mandaya Heritage to showcase Davao Oriental culture

By Alab Maldo

The Kamunaan House of Mandaya Heritage, which showcases Mandaya culture and arts of Davao Oriental, was opened on August 23, at the Bonifacio Town Center at the Mayor Francisco G. Rabat Park and Baywalk in the City of Mati.

The family of City Administrator Atty. Al Aquino initiated the private project together with the help of Lungga Center, a non-government organization, supported by various Mandaya communities residing in the province of Davao Oriental.

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According to Atty. Aquino, they decided to hold the Kamunaan display center for “it is good for the people of Mati to remember our past”.

“Through the Kamunaan project, we will be able to enshrine our ancestors and remember where we came from,” Aquino said

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. The Kamunaan project aims to cherish the ancestors of the various tribal groups here in the province such as the Mandaya, Mansaka, Manobo and Kalagan. Kamunaan came from the Mandaya word “muna” which means ancestors.

Artifacts displayed in Kamunaan came from various Mandaya communities while others are personal collections of the Aquino family.

Mayor Michelle Nakpil Rabat is said to be planning to donate seed money intended for Mandaya beads making. Furthermore, the project is also accepting any financial donations or assistance from any agency.

The Kamunaan display is free to the public where there are also some novelty items for sale for visitors to buy. Health protocols will be strictly observed wherein only 5 persons are allowed inside at any given time. (CIO MATI/Alab Maldo)