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Today, I chanced at one of his posts at Facebook. And I agree with most of what he said. It reads:


“I posted earlier that Pacquiao should not run for president because he is ill-prepared for the huge responsibility. I do not question the purity of his motives.

But the road to perdition is paved with good intentions.”Earlier, I opined that Senator Pacquiao may get the best and the brightest to run the country BUT the buck stops with the President. The dilemma for any leader is how to resolve, reconcile and harmonize conflicting positions, interests and priorities.

May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'GDM YOUR TIME IS UP! "Panahon na ang isang malinis na gobyerno kung saan bawat sentimo ay mapupunta para sa bawat mga nanunungkulan sa ating pamahalaan na patuloy na nagsasamantala at nagnanakaw sa kaban ng bayan, malapit na kayo magsama-sama sa kulungan. Your time is up! Binigyan namin kayo ng pagkakataon ngunit kami ay inyong binigo." Senator Manny Pacquiao Formal Acceptance of PDP-Laban Presidential Nomination 2022 Elections September 19, 2021 www. globaldailymirro com @globaldailymirror @globalmirror'

“The final decision rests with the President alone. That requires critical thinking and great managerial skills that can only be acquired over time with notable results. Being popular and great in boxing are not the best credentials to run a country.

“A Manchurian candidate is one who wittingly or unwittingly undermines the chances of other candidates by taking away votes from them. The term came from the 1959 novel of Richard Condon of the same title. It was about a platoon of decorated US soldiers returning from the Korean War but were brainwashed to believe in communism.

“Pacquiao for whatever reason now believes he is the savior of the nation by becoming president.

“I still hope and pray that Senator Manny Pacquiao does not destroy himself. He already overestimated his power in the fight against Ugas.

“The battle for the presidency may turn out to be an even bigger disaster and humiliation.”However, I disagree that Pacquiao has the basic discernment, despite the spirituality he claims he got after crashing with a few Bibilical lines, to make the right decisions.

Discernment is the capability to see what forces are at work in a given situation. He terribly lacks that.In fact in the rathole that he is in right now, it is obvious that he is being used by Koko to grab power that the Pimentels never achieved by themselves.

Reinforced by two billionaire congressmen Albee Benitez and Mikee Romero who are noveau riche figures hoping to build their own oligopolies in a Pacquiao air-castle presidency, the Pacquaio campaign started on the wrong foot fueled by the mediocrity of rookies Ron Munsayac and Bernard Peralta.

They want to oust Rodrigo Roa Duterte, first from the party PDP-Laban that Koko regards as his sole-proprietorship, and then from the residency even before his term ends.

The blurbs that Pacquiao has been mouthing reflects the “Laban” mentality that was popularized by Ninoy Aquino and Koko’s father Nene Pimnetel against former President Ferdinand Marcos.

Violently accusatory, demonizing and caustic with shibolleths, motherhood statements and sweeping generalizations that has no appreciable basis in fact or principle.In short plain Machiavellian. Bordering on anarchism.Packed with delirious propaganda, extremely divisive in the midst of a pandemic.

GOLDE LYONN: Exciting Times for Davao City

After almost two years cooped up inside our apartment, following the “Stay Home” advice of city hall to avoid Covid infection, I’m getting used to this “house arrest” and the daily wearing of a surgical mask and face shield whenever I need to go out for groceries and supplies.

But every time I go out for occasional “long walks”— to keep physically fit — I can see the gradual transformation of Davao City into a modern city.

No photo description available.

If you have the chance to visit Claveria, you will no longer see those ugly electric posts with overhanging ugly “spaghetti”black wires.

They are ALL GONE…. All the electric wires were buried underground, a project that took more than a year to finish. Inner streets like Rizal, San Pedro, Barrio Obrero, Claveria, etc are all being bulldozed and turned into CONCRETE streets all over the city, can you believe that ?

You will be pleasantly surprised by what you will “discover’ what’s happening to this city. Claveria now looks almost like Ayala avenue in Makati with no electric posts.

With more new condos rising along this major Davao street, this will look like Ayala avenue by the end of 2022.

Modern high rise buildings can be seen rising like mushrooms along the widened JP Laurel Avenue at Bajada from Gaisano Mall all the way to Abreeza Ayala Mall— the changing Davao landscape will surprise visitors who knew Davao all these years… This will be topped by the start of construction of railways and terminal stations by next month at Carmen, Davao del Norte— the Davao Railway project that will start from Tagum connecting Carmen all the way to Digos, passing by Davao City near the Diversion Road.

Work continues on underground cable project - SUNSTAR

For people in their 70s like me, it’s amazing that this transformation of Davao into a big modern city is HAPPENING RIGHT NOW while we’re still alive and kicking.

We can all see all these happening before our eyes amidst this pandemic which is expected to start waning down by middle of next year….. All our children who are in college now, will benefit from the transformation of our city and the whole country by next year and the years to come.

These are exciting times for Davao.

These are exciting times for the Philippines….

BANGON MARAWI: The Hadiya Village

A gift to IDPs


Seeing the beneficiaries, who donned their colorful traditional clothing, flashing their biggest smiles was fulfilling. Indeed, these permanent shelters are key to helping our Maranao brothers and sisters get back on their feet, full of hope and optimism for the future of the only Islamic City in the country

To say that it is overwhelming to be an instrument for the realization of other people’s dreams is an understatement. I had that great feeling last Thursday, Feb. 25, when we awarded permanent shelters to 109 families of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Marawi City.

Today, these families have houses they can call their own—a dream being pursued by no less than our President Duterte for every Filipino family. A momentous day indeed.

Amanoding Pumbaya Dirampatun received last week his Certificate of Conditional Award from Task Force Bangon Marawi chairman Eduardo del Rosario and Marawi City Mayor Majul Gandamra. Dirampatun is one of the 109 IDP families who were awarded permanent housing unit inside Hadiya Village

Permanent shelters

It was the first time that the government, through Task Force Bangon Marawi and its partner agencies, turned over permanent shelters to Marawi IDPs since the massive rehabilitation in this city started. To recall, Daesh-inspired terrorists attempted to seize Marawi City, which led to a five month battle that started in May 2017 and ended in October.

Seeing the beneficiaries, who donned their colorful traditional clothing, flashing their biggest smiles was fulfilling. Indeed, these permanent shelters are key to helping our Maranao brothers and sisters get back on their feet, full of hope and optimism for the future of the only Islamic City in the country.

I share this feeling with Japan Ambassador Koshikawa Kazuhiko; Christopher Rollo, UN-Habitat country program manager, Social Housing Finance Corp. (SHFC) president Arnolfo Ricardo Cabling and Marawi City Mayor Majul Gandamra—each of them playing a key role in the development and construction of permanent shelters in Barangay West Dulay, Marawi City.


The Japan government provided $10 million fund for the project while SHFC took charge of the land acquisition and site development. The UN-Habitat, using the Japan grant, constructed the housing units through community participation. This formed part of the more than 3,000 permanent shelters programmed to accommodate all IDPs, particularly those living along danger zones in Marawi City.

The 109 permanent shelters are located in Hadiya Village, named aptly so since “hadiya” means “gift” and these housing units are a precious gift from President Duterte, the Japanese government and UN-Habitat to the IDPs who almost lost their hope after the 2017 siege.

The two-story core house meanwhile has a floor area of 42 sqm and is built on a 100-sqm lot. Each unit has a toilet and bathroom, a kitchen, basic electrical lighting, water lines and a sewage piping system. The beneficiaries can make improvements to the core house such as room partitions—definitely better than the previous abodes of the IDPs along the dangerous banks of Agus River and Lake Lanao.

Apart from these housing units, we intend to construct common areas like mosques and rainwater collection tanks to augment the current water supply system and to complete the subdivision-like development of 1.8-hectare Hadiya Village.

Amanoding Pumbaya Dirampatun received last week his Certificate of Conditional Award from Task Force Bangon Marawi chairman Eduardo del Rosario and Marawi City Mayor Majul Gandamra. Dirampatun is one of the 109 IDP families who were awarded permanent housing unit inside Hadiya Village

I am particularly proud that we managed to deliver this initial batch of permanent shelters barely months after the Marawi infrastructure rehabilitation works went on full blast last July 2020—amid the imposition of enhanced community quarantine brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Continuing efforts

Meanwhile, other permanent shelters being constructed by the National Housing Authority (NHA) are now in various stages of completion and would be ready for distribution by the December deadline as stated in our master development plan. Likewise, the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao also committed to construct houses for Marawi IDPs.ADVERTISEMENT

We intend to award more permanent shelters every month to enable our displaced Maranao brothers and sisters to start a fresh life in their new homes—a commitment we made when we accepted the challenge of leading the rehabilitation of Marawi City.

Parallel to our efforts of building new homes for the IDPs is the revalidation of the master list of housing beneficiaries to ensure that only the deserving ones get shelter grant from the government. The TFBM has been working closely with the local government of Marawi City and civil society groups to come out with a clean list.

Overall, the TFBM, along with its 56 implementing agencies, has so far completed 40 percent of the infrastructure rehabilitation works. Construction of major infrastructure projects within the most affected area or “ground zero” like road networks with underground power, water and telecommunication facilities; mosques; the mall-like Grand Padian Market; school buildings, museum, the massive School of Living Tradition, peace memorial and barangay complexes with health centers and madrasahs have been in full swing.

On behalf of TFBM, let me extend my deepest gratitude to all our partners, especially to the Marawi LGU led by Mayor Gandamra, the Marawi traditional leaders, international development partners, civil society organizations and the peace-loving Maranaos. Together, we will not only rebuild our only Islamic City, we will propel Marawi to rise as a modern and prosperous city again.

The author, Secretary Eduardo del Rosario is the Chairman of the Department of Human Settlements (DHUID) and Task Foce Bangon Marawi 9TFBM)

FAKE NEWS: Inquirer, PhilStar, Rappler reports on ICC ruling vs. Duterte


By RIGOBERTO D. TIGLAO, The Manila Times

First of 2 parts
THE Philippine Star* last week ran a front-page story headlined “ICC sees crimes against humanity in Philippines drug war.” Its lead read: “The International Criminal Court has found ‘reasonable basis’ to believe that crimes against humanity were committed in President Duterte’s war on drugs, which has reportedly killed over 20,000 people since 2016.” The next day, Duterte’s critics were ecstatic over the report, with the Philippine Daily Inquirer banner story screaming: “Drug War Critics on ICC Report: Reckoning Near.”

ICC finds ‘basis to believe’ crimes vs humanity committed in Duterte’s drug war

These are outright lies.

They are “journalism” of the most despicable kind: They spread false, fake news. (The Star article even used the “20,000” figure, which has been proven to be totally without basis, with the government’s figure of about 6,000 fatalities accepted by most.) READ MORE



There is one thing I love about a long road trip- it freshens my mind and gives me so much time to ponder on very important issues.

These travels allow me to realize that we are a country of ironies, what with the pervasive poverty in the countryside while wide swathes of fertile land lay idle.

It is so unthinkable that 124 years after our nationhood, there are still areas in the country where up to 70% of the people are living below the poverty threshold.

Some will blame this pathetic state to corruption, conflicts and lack of competent leadership. I am just a farm boy but I believe that the above-mentioned problems are just exacerbating factors to the pitiful state that we are in as a nation.

Remember when we were young and our grade school teacher asked us: “What would you like to be when you grow up?”We knew what we wanted to be: a pilot, an engineer, a lawyer, a mayor and even a president.

Of course, we did not all become what we wanted to be as a child. Fate and queer events led some of us to where we are now.

I became a politician when my father, Bernardo, fell ill in the homestretch of his campaign for the mayorship of my hometown in M’lang, Cotabato and I was called home from Manila to take over his candidacy.

That opened the doors to a new career – public service – which I later realized was what made me happy and defined me as a person.

This leads us to the realization that until today, we have failed to come up with an answer to the question of “What do we want to be as a nation?”

We are suffering from a national identity crisis because we have not fully figured out what we would like the Philippines to be.

We are consumed by our obsession to be like our neighbors.

“Look at Vietnam, Look at Thailand, Look at Malaysia, Look at Singapore, Look at Japan, Look at South Korea,” are the oft-repeated lines of our development planners.

Why don’t we look at ourselves and ask: What do we want the Philippines to be?

Let us be our own model, let us weave our own story and craft a national development plan based on what we have and our strengths as a nation.

Look at these ironies: – We are surrounded by the sea and yet we import fish. – We host the world’s foremost rice research institution and taught others how to plant rice but we are the world’s No. 1 rice importer.

The COVID 19 pandemic could prove to be the “queer event” which could help us determine who and what we should be as a nation.

Realization #1: We have to be a food producing nation because we have the resources. COVID 19 showed that the global supply chain could be disrupted by “queer” events. We cannot rely on importation. In fact, if only we invest more in rural development, agriculture and fisheries, we could be a major food producing country in this part of the world.

Realization #2: We have to develop our local economy by using our resources – human and natural – to support processing and manufacturing industries. Let us stop selling iron ores. Instead, let us develop our own steel industry. Let us not waste efforts in enticing foreign investors to come. They could be influenced by geo-politics and leave anytime just like what is happening in China now.

Realization #3: We cannot be a Service Economy because as COVID 19 has shown a pandemic or a conflict could lead to the collapse of the economy of nations engaging our workers’ services. We have to realign our educational program to this reality.

Realization #4: And finally, let us stop dreaming of manufacturing airplanes or cars. We are too far behind in those fields. Let us do what we know best like producing food, building boats and ships, tractors and farm machinery, medical supplies and others using our local resources.

With all these, the Philippines could stand out and be identified as a self-reliant country and major powerhouse in food production where every family forms part of the foundations of a national economy built on its rich natural and Human Resources.

This is the Philippines that I dream of and wish to be part of.

The Pandemic has taught us a lot of lessons which could be easily read and understood by a mind free of greed.If we still could not learn from these lessons then we are damned as a nation.