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ROQUE: Media personalities play an important role in influencing society

Actor appointed as Army’s new StratCom panel chief

MANILA – Malacañang on Monday declined to comment on the decision of the Philippine Army Multi-Sectoral Advisory Board (PA MSAB) to elect actor Robin Padilla as chairperson of its Strategic Communications (StratCom) Committee.Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque said the board is in… Read More

MADRIGAL:We cannot let another Marawi-like threat to happen again


Anti-terror ops to continue

Efforts to neutralize terror threats will continue, newly-installed Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) chief-of-staff Lt. Gen. Benjamin Madrigal said Tuesday.madrigal 2


Unified effort needed in curbing NPA threat

New AFP chief vows to bring in ‘culture of excellence’

Be ready for new way to end insurgency, Madrigal told

“We’ll also keep up the pace of diminishing the existence of terrorist cells and other armed peace spoilers so we can protect our people and insulate our community from their (plot) of fear,” Madrigal stressed.

This is being done with ongoing violent extremism initiatives, with the support of concerned agencies and the Muslim communities.

Also, peace-inclined groups are now working with the government in the relentless pursuit of terrorism cells linked with the Dawlah Islamiya, Abu Sayyaf and remnants of the Maute Group.

These efforts reduced the threats posed by these groups, constricted their movement and disrupted their terror plans.

“We cannot let another Marawi-like threat to happen again,” Madrigal stressed.

The Marawi Siege started in May 23, 2017 and ended five months later.

Around 165 government troops were killed along with scores of civilians and an estimated 1,000 Maute Group terrorists and their allies were slain during the conflict, which also severely ravaged the city.

Madrigal replaced Gen. Carlito Galvez, Jr., his mistah at the Philippine Military Academy Class of 1985, who retired after reaching the mandatory retirement age of 56.

The newly-appointed AFP chief, the 51st, served notably as 4th Infantry Division commander, Southern Luzon Command and Eastern Mindanao Command chief.

His appointment as next AFP chief was approved last Dec. 5 by President Rodrigo Duterte.

Madrigal is set to retire on September 28, 2019. (PNA)


The Malolos Regional Trial Court (RTC) on Monday, September 17, 2018, found former Major General Jovito Palparan guilty of kidnapping and serious illegal detention related to the disappearance of University of the Philippines (UP) students Sherlyn Cadapan and Karen Empeno in 2006.

The judgement was promulgated at the Malolos RTC before Judge Alexander Tamayo, the Inquirer reports.

Aside from Palparan, also found guilty of the crime were Lt. Col. Felipe Anotado, Jr. and Staff Sgt. Edgardo Osorio.

Palparan, Anotado and Osorio were sentenced to reclusion perpetua, or 20 years and one day to 40 years imprisonment, and were ordered to pay P100,000 for civil indemnity and P200,000 for moral damages for each count.






No special treatment for Palparan at Bilibid

Verdict vs. Palparan proves justice system is alive: DOJ


A unilateral declaration by a Mindanao-based group of Philippine Military Academy (PMA) graduates to ostracize Senator Antonio Trillanes IV reflects the “overall” sentiment of the military, Malacañang said on Friday.

“That reflects overall sentiment of the military,” Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque replied when asked to comment on the Philippine Military Academy Alumni Association Inc. (PMAAAI)-Eagle Fraternal Chapter’s declaration.

In its one-page paid advertisement published on a national daily, the PMAAAI-Eagle Fraternal Chapter has also recommended the ouster of Trillanes from the PMAAAI “for conduct unbecoming of a PMAYER and public official”.

The PMAAAI-Eagle Fraternal Chapter is an association of PMA graduates in government, military and police active service and business, industry, corporate and retirees (BIRC) sector based in Mindanao.

The group manifested that Trillanes’ actions and behavior are contrary to the Academy’s motto of courage, integrity and loyalty “thereby seriously damaging the honor and prestige of this revered institution”.

The PMA graduates have accused Trillanes, a former Navy officer, of not only repeatedly uttering seditious words against the President Rodrigo Duterte but also incited others to inflict any hate or revenge upon his person “thus committed conspiracy or proposal to commit coup d’etat for encouraging the military to rise up in arms against the President”.

They questioned Trillanes’ constant agitation and propaganda “by inciting dissension for the ouster” of Duterte.

“His blatant attack to the present administration as if he has credibility and combat experience while in the Navy defines his bad attitude, character, and evil intent, ignoring the negative effect to the country’s economic progress just to toppled down the President for his personal gain,” the group said in its declaration.

Recently, Trillanes claimed the support of some junior and senior officials in a bid to discredit Duterte’s issuance of Proclamation 572 which declared the senator’s amnesty void ab initio (from the beginning) for his failure to submit an amnesty application form and to admit his guilt for crimes of rebellion.

The group cited as another ground the two failed Trillanes-led coup attempts in 2003 and 2007 against former president and now House Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Trillanes’ political ally former president Benigno Aquino III granted him amnesty but discovered recently that it was former Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin, instead of Aquino, who approved the amnesty.

Gazmin’s approval made Trillanes’ amnesty null and void from the very beginning since only the President has constitutional duty to grant pardon and amnesty, Duterte’s Chief Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo said in an earlier interview.

The PMAAAI said Trillanes’ previous graft and corruption cases particularly his involvement in the controversial “pork barrel” funds and the Disbursement Acceleration Fund (DAP) funds scams during the Aquino administration.

“The anti-pork barrel coalition said the senator donated PHP10 million from his DAP funds to non-government organization that allegedly turned out to be a donor and not a recipient of donations,” stated in the PMAAAI’s declaration dated Sept. 12, 2018.

The PMA graduates also accused Trillanes of disrespect and having arrogant behavior towards senior officers and the President, and for committing his “treasonous acts” when he refused to disclose the results of his backdoor negotiations with China in 2012.

They lambasted Trillanes for promoting discontent and withdrawal of support on Duterte administration and for propagating “blatant” lies such as the senator’s claim that “PMAyers” are his growing supporters.

The group added that Trillanes’ pattern of behavior “is an obvious display of conduct unbecoming of a public official and questionable mental health, fond of creating discord and divisiveness instead of his supposed duties to create policies to establish a well-ordered society”.

They called Trillanes “a disgrace to the alma mater, a great embarrassment to its alumni and a very unworthy role model” to the Cadet Corps Armed Forces of the Philippines (CAAFP).

Trillanes, a member of PMA Marilag Class of 1995, remains at the Senate despite the government’s statement that he will not be arrested by the military and police.

Roque said Trillanes’ decision to stay at the Senate is all “drama” and for “political mileage”. (PNA)