45 guvs back Bong Go’s VP bid

Four days after he filed his certificate of candidacy for vice president, Senator Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go has gained the support of at least 45 governors nationwide.

In joint statement on Tuesday, the governors hailed Go’s “wide and valuable” insights on both local and national governance, as well as his offered solutions for pressing issues in the country.

“We, provincial governors, crossing party lines, support the candidacy for vice president of Sen. Bong Go and vow to campaign tirelessly for his election to the country’s second highest elective position,” the statement read.

The provincial governors said Go, from being President Rodrigo Duterte’s long-time aide to being a senator, is ready to take on the challenge as the second highest official in the country if the lawmaker wins in the next year’s elections.

“Such experience has prepared him adequately for elective public office – as senator and hopefully as vice president. Having come from the ranks of local public servants, we have no doubt that Bong Go understands the issues we face 24/7 in our respective provinces,” they said.

They believed that Go, if elected vice president, would continue Duterte’s programs, including the relentless efforts to fight illegal drugs, criminality and corruption. Read More

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