WINNIE MONSOD: Ano bang nagawa ni Sara Duterte?

Robredo the ‘better choice’ for president 

“I remember only a picture of her assaulting a sheriff who was only trying to do his duty.”

Former Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Winnie Monsod said Vice President Leni Robredo would be the “better candidate” for president in 2022 than Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte, who’s consistently leading in pre-election surveys.

In her Sept. 4 column for the Philippine Daily Inquirer, according to the newssite POLITIKO, Monsod called Duterte a “product of dynastic politics” while describing Robredo as a politiko with “clean hands and a clean heart.”

Monsod said she “could not google” information on any project or activity Duterte undertook as mayor.

“I do remember a picture of her assaulting a sheriff who was trying to do his duty,” she said.

In contrast to Duterte, Monsod said Robredo provided legal aid to marginalized individuals before entering politics in 2013. The Office of the Vice President, she added, has always passed the Commission on Audit’s scrutiny “with flying colors.”

In urging voters to choose Robredo in 2022, Monsod said: “Wouldn’t you like to have, finally, a leadership approach that is nurturing, moral, and reconciliatory, after five years of the opposite?”

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