The electric cooperative’s ‘Pillars’ and 59 employees were recognized for their loyalty and zealous performance of providing service to member-consumer-owners (MCOs) by the Northern Davao Electric Cooperative Inc. (NORDECO) as it marked its 50th Golden Anniversary on September 24

Fifty long years of uphill climb could have not been reached if not for the ‘Pillars’ of the Rural Electrification Program.

Mario Angelo Sotto, the general manager of NORDECO said the challenges met in 50 long years made each man and woman behind NORDECO stronger.

 “ We may have a lot of challenges, but we have established a strong foundation in each of us, and did more than we do,” he said. He said the MCOs are the center of NORDECO’s long years of operation. 

“We even increased manpower and resources for better services, worked 24/7, and we know we work a lot for our MCOs,” he said. 

A fitting tribute was given to the first set of DANECO’s Board of Incorporators: Judge Pablo S. Salazar, Judge Modesto C. Montaño, Rolando S. Fabian, Danilo C. Avena, Enrique Y. Diola, and Bernardino Pajaron. Also, all the 24 former Board Presidents and the former General Managers, namely, Atty. Jose T. Amacio, Engr. Ricardo G. Tio and Mr. Edgardo D. Savellano, CPA, MBA were honored for their legacy of leadership and service to the Electric Cooperative. 

Members of the previous and the present Task Force Duterte Northern Davao Power, and the former NEA Administrator, Edgardo Rama Masongsong also received commendations for being instrumental in the reconciliation, reunification and recovery of NORDECO from seven years of turmoil. 

“Indeed, these pillars of NORDECO are heroes worth the commendation.” . 

Fifty-nine (59) service-awardee employees who have remained with NORDECO for 10 to 30 years of service were also given recognition.

 “These employees certainly deserve the accolade for remaining steadfast in service despite the challenges along the way, “ NORDECO said. 

The “golden milestone” serves as testament of NORDECO’s resilience in pursuing a rural electrification program through the years, which deserves celebration. 

Thus, various offices of NORDECO held simultaneous celebrations under the new normal scenario. 

These areas include NCECCO Center Montevista Office Compound for the Main Office employees; Jorgetown, Montevista for the Area Services I employees; Energy Park, Tagum City for the Area Services II and III employees; and Samal, IGACOS for Area Services IV employees. 

The year 2020-2021 is all the more challenging given the devastating pandemic that greatly affected everyone. But NORDECO said the health crisis will not hinder them to continue moving forward to fulfil the needs of the MCOs and looks forward to another year inspired by this year’s theme “Sustaining Empowerment for a Stronger and Brighter NORDECO.” 

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