BONG GO: Presidency a thankless job

Reiterates focus on assisting Filipinos in overcoming the pandemic

Calling the presidency “a thankless job”, Senator Christopher “Bong” Go reiterated that he is not interested in seeking a higher position in the 2022 national and local elections amid encouragements and the high trust that the Duterte administration is getting from the Filipino people

.Go confessed during the meeting, aired on television on Tuesday, July 7, with President Rodrigo Duterte and other members of the ruling party PDP-LABAN that the pandemic has left him and the President exhausted yet still determined to focus on efforts to overcome the crisis.

While describing the presidency as “a thankless job”, the Senator stated that the need to serve the hopeless and helpless Filipinos remain a source of strength for them to keep fighting for the betterment of the country.

While Go understands the responsibilities of a President, he said he would rather focus on helping the Filipino people overcome the current pandemic than vie for a higher post.

In his previous interviews, Go reminded everyone, particularly government officials and politicians, to focus on the country’s path towards COVID-19 recovery and set aside political talks for now.

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