SHFC FEATURE: Liberating homeless Pinoys on People Power day

As the country celebrated on February 25, 2021 the 35th anniversary of the 1986 Edsa Revolution that liberated Filipinos from the two-decade Marcos dictatorship, a government agency marked the day by “liberating” the Pinoys from lack of shelter, one of the basic human needs.

On the day, February 25, which has been declared as a national holiday, the Social Housing Finance Corporation (SHFC) toured Mindanao for three events in pursuit of its mandate to provide housing to homeless Filipinos.

SHFC is the government agency tasked with providing socialized housing to the country’s formal and informal settlers especially those in risk areas.

Atty/ Arnolfo Ricardo Cabling, SHFC president, likened the events to People Power revolution that liberated Filipinos from the stranglehold of a dictatorship.

On February 25, we liberated a number of our people from lack of shelter, said Cabling, referring to the three events.

On the day, in Marawi City, Cabling joined Secretary Eduardo del Rosario, chairman of the Department of Human Settements and Urban Development (DHSUD), in the turnover of permanent shelters for those displaced by the siege of the Muslim city in 2017.

HOUSING CZAR DEL ROSARIO, SHFC PRESIDENT CABLING lead turnover of permanent shelters to homeless Marawi siege victims

In Misamis Oriental, Cabling also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Naawan Mayor Dennis Roa involving cooperation in providing socialized housing to Naawan residents.

No description available.

SHFC & LGU Naawan, Misamis Oriental MOU signing

The MOU is the latest of more than a dozen SHFC signed with local government units nationwide in order for the agency to speed up delivery of shelter to the homeless Pinoys.

The third event, Cabling supervised the inauguration of the SHFC satellite in Iligan City, the latest established by SHFC all over the country to bring its services closer to the people.

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