A NUMBER OF of Metro Manila among them Mayors Joy Belmonte of Quezon City and Toby Tiangco of Navotas said the timing is off for Congress to pursue Charter change (Cha-cha) amid the pandemic.

” Not now, please, ” Tiangco, a former member of the House of Representatives ,said at the virtual Kapihan sa Manila Bay forum.

“I see the sense in economic Charter change, especially during these times that we need to recover economically, but within certain bounds and limits,” Belmonte said also at the Kapihan forum.

Tiangco said that at this time he would rather help his constituents recover their losses due to the pandemic.

“The benefits (of legislated economic reforms) will not be (felt) that fast, so maybe we can talk about that at another time. Maybe not this time,” Tiangco said.

Belmonte said said she understands public hesitation to Cha-cha, especially now that an administration’s term is nearing its end. “There are issues of suspicions and timing and these things have to be taken into consideration,” she said.

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