Vehicles used to transport anti-Covid-19 health frontliners, in the delivery of modules, in transporting teachers, and in addressing emergencies before school opening and until now

The Mitsubishi Strada is the official DepEd vehicle

Service vehicles for engineers bought before pandemic: DepEd

 A Department of Education (DepEd) official on Monday clarified that the 166 brand new units of Mitsubishi Strada trucks distributed to field engineers were procured before the pandemic after a group took a swipe at the agency over its alleged “injudicious” fund use.”When we were about… Read More


Columnist Image

Read Column: DepEd’s display of profligacy

SECRETARY Leonor Briones of the Department of Education (DepEd) should be ashamed of herself. Buying 254 units of Mitsubishi pickups with a price tag of P1.4-million each is not only anomalous but patently scandalous given the fiscal problems that the government is facing today.

I do not know where the priorities of Secretary Briones are but buying that many vehicles against the backdrop of teachers struggling to climb to rooftops of school buildings to get internet signals and soliciting money to buy coupon bonds and to print modules for distant learning is simply immoral. Is it that it was only last year that they purchased 88 units of pickups, too? 

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