OPINION – SPMC defender to Maria Ressa, critics: DIE OF ENVY!!

Mamatay kayong lahat sa inggit!

I would like to thank Dr. Leopoldo Vega for making SPMC what it is today— the biggest hospital in the Philippines with 1,800 bed capacity, 75 dialysis machines which is more than double the capacity of NKTI, a heart center where delicate operations can be done and patients need not fly to the Philippine Heart Center, and a house of hope for children battling cancer, among others.

Dr. Leopoldo Vega, bagong DOH Usec.

Dr. Vega worked silently for years, devoting his life in making sure SPMC won’t just serve the people of Davao City and the Davao region, but the whole of Mindanao. SPMC has been an equalizer of some sort because the poor and needy people of Mindanao gets zero billing years before zero billing became a concept in Philippine health care.
The Metro Manila-centric state of mind and ego of most Metro Manileños must have been rubbed off the wrong way when they found out that SPMC is now the biggest, not even checking that it was the biggest even before Digong became president.
Unlike the brilliant minds of Metro Manila healthcare, SPMC became the sole hospital for Covid patients, making sure private hospitals remain covid free and can relax on possible contamination of their other patients. A very pragmatic approach on Covid management. (Still, we had to open other hospitals as Covid Centers if cases go up. Pragmatic approach lang, hindi Tagalog brilliant approach na know it all). So weather you are a gazzilionaire or a pauper, if you have Covid, SPMC ka lang.
Then Maria Ressa tweeted something malicious and obviously not checking on facts. Then again, that wouldn’t have been Maria Ressa, queen purveyor of fake news and intrigues, if she checked facts before opening her mouth.
So yes, get angry, all of you, because the boondocks have better healthcare and facilities even before you thought that was possible. When the past admins couldn’t support PGH, the lowly LGU of Davao City provided funds for SPMC alongside with millions as grants from private individuals.
So thank you Dr. Leopoldo Vega. Now, everybody hates us Davaoeños and hates the SPMC, because you did a wonderful and awesome job.

Mamatay kayong lahat sa inggit!

From Emil Vincent S. Sitjar

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