An agenda to mislead the public

garcia ermin

A statement titled “SECOND OPINION” circulated on social media supposedly crafted by a group of doctors and health workers.

At first glance, the article appears to be genuinely concerned with the plight of the medical sector in the frontlines.

The issues raised in the article focusing on boosting efforts of the medical sector to help combat COVID-19 are valid and should be considered by the national government.
But when it pointed to the community quarantine as applied by IATF today as the source of the continued contagion of COVID-19, while insisting on quarantine based on health factors, the article was clearly leading to an agenda to mislead the public.
It is shortsighted of the medical sector behind the article to think that they, as medical practitioners, alone can properly implement a quarantine that will effectively check the contagion.
If the police, army and barangay officials are having difficulty imposing discipline and enforcing health protocol in communities, how can doctors, nurses, health workers even be remotely expected to compel their thousands of patients to strictly and observe home quarantine? And are they willing to accept responsibility for failure of communities to observe health protocols? If the medical workers already claim to be overworked and exploited, they are certainly asking for more than they can chew if they insist on their medical/health-led quarantine and reject IATFs policy.
The motive became more obvious and the article eventually lost its credibility by wading in politics, wittingly or unwittingly. Days earlier, medical associations vehemently and correctly denied politics as motivation behind their presscon. In sharp contrast, by demanding the ouster of Health Sec. Duque and all retired military officials and czars, while protesting the “fascist” system, the article fully exposed itself as a propaganda of the Makabayan bloc.
I stand corrected if my view that no doctor or health worker in his/her right mind who seeks to protect integrity of his/her profession would recklessly express support for extreme left’s politics, is wrong. Only the left wing groups use the word “fascist” liberally in everything they say and do.
So I strongly suspect that the list of claimed supporters that simply have (MD, RN) affixed to the names is fake. The names could have been easily drawn from a voters’ list.
So wonder no more if Sen Riza Hontiveros is loudly endorsing the article.
The article could still have earned some credibility expressing genuine concerns for welfare of medical sector if the list had included the affiliations of listed doctors and nurses with hospitals, offices and clinics, like when everyone is required to provide detailed info about themselves before entering any establishment.
Leave it to the creative political enemies of the government to exploit every conceivable misstep of government to destabilize it. By ERMIN GARCIA, Jr.

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