COMMENTARY: ERMIN GARCIA – Leni Robredo is not an obstructionist

Journalist Ermin Garcia, a critic of Vice President Leni Robredo, has an approving opinion for the leader of the political opposition and staunch critic of President Rodrigo Duterte for her comment on COVID-19 urging Pinoys to join hands against the deadly virus.

Leni is not an obstructionist, for a change, said Garcia.

garcia ermin

But Garcia also wished that Robredo would also address her unity call to the ranks of the opposition that she leads.

On March 9 in a post in his Facebook account, Garcia spiced up his post with a  note that could also have aborted Leni’s  orgasm over getting praise from a severe critic:

“FINALLY, VP LENI SHOWS THE WAY.. Helpful message this one. Not the voice of an obstructionist, for a change.”

“Imagine impact if she does something similar, enjoining opposition to wash its mouth, sanitize it’s message, touch people’s heart and work as one with people and govt, for a better nation.”

“Hmmm wishful thinking. But we can dream, can’t we – for faster development and progress.”

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