“Would be lucky if he survived  until the middle of 2019”


Exiled Philippine communist leader Jose Maria ‘Joma” Sison has predicted President Rodrigo Duterte’s downfall between today and mid-2019.

Saying that Duterte is “politically finished,” Sison said that the masses rising against the President’s mishandling of the economy and withdrawal of support by the police and military will be the deadly brew that would seal the coffin of the Duterte administration.

In the ABS-CBN News Channel on Wednesday, September 12, Sison said Duterte could go “anytime between now and middle of next year,” because   of skyrocketing prices of goods.


The day of reckoning will come when police and military withdraw their support to Duterte.

“The moment of ouster will occur when Duterte’s own military and police forces  withdraw support for Duterte upon sight and inspiration of the rising people in their millions throughout the archipelago,” said 79-year old Sison, who fired his blast at Duterte from the Netherlands where he has been in exile for nearly three decades..

Sison appears so sure of his prediction that he says Duterte is now “worried to death and desperate” about his impending ouster.

Sison told ABS-CBN News Channel that “the tipping point can come time anytime between now and let’s say middle of next year, probably. That’s a good allowance of exerting efforts in order to oust Duterte.”

Sison said that Duterte’s popularity is sinking as the people suffer hardship with prices of basic commodites shooting up.

“There is no ambiguity in the complaints of the people, the hatred of the people for the rise of prices. Most people suffer from the soaring prices and this is the manifestation of the mishandling of the economy and the aggravation of the economic crisis,” said Sison.

Sison said Duterte is “finished politically,” and  would be lucky if he survived  until the middle of 2019.

“I would say he’s lucky if he survives politically 2018 and he will be luckier if he would survive politically at the middle of next year,” Sison said.

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