robredo-crying1Vice President Leni Robredo skewered reports about her carrying a baby with a married congressman.

The story about “Preggie Leni” had went viral after first appearing in a Facebook page as a blind item.

Denying the rumor, Leni said: “Ako kasi ayoko na patulan eh. Ayoko na patulan parang insulto naman yata iyon.”

The item appeared a day after another Facebook blind item saying that the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) handling the electoral protest filed by Senator Bongbong Marcos had ruled to invalidate Robredo’s victory in the May 2016 vice presidential race.  

The pregnancy tale about her carying a baby out of wedlock is an insult to womanhood, also said Robredo, widow of the late DILG secretary Jesse Robredo who died in a plane crash last 2012.

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Robredo said the rumor about her losing the vice presidency is impossible because PET has yet to conduct initial moves on the Marcos protest. Robredo, running under the banner of former President Benigno Aquino’s Liberal Party and running mate of defeated candidate Mar Roxas,  won the race with a slim 200,000 vote margin against the Senator Marcos.

 Vice Presidential spokesperson Georgina Hernandez said the black propaganda against Robredo was carried out to malign her.

“We were warned about these well-funded and well-orchestrated attacks to malign the vice president. The demolition campaign has begun. And the next logistical question is: who is behind it?”

Hernandez in a statement added: “We have complete trust in the Filipino’s ability to discern fact from fiction, and steer clear of false news. Websites that masquerade as news sources have been fabricating these rumors, which are then spread by troll armies.”


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