Duterte gives self slim chance in running for president

million people


Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said there is only a 20 percent chance he was running for president as media badgered him anew over his political plans for the 2016 election.

     Two in a scale of ten, he told media on Friday.

A strong contender in the presidential race, Duterte has continued to say that he was not interested in the presidency.

Duterte gave the slim figure on the chances of him joining the presidential derby, during a media interview Friday in Davao City ahead of the October 12 start of the filing of Certificate of Candidacy (COC).

The deadline for filing is October 16. Candidates for President have to file their COC in Manila.

Duterte told media that a presidential run is still an option.

“Do not bet on it. Actually, all options are on the table, but do not bet on it,” he said.

He gave twenty percent to his possible run for the presidency.

     “On the scale of one to ten, maybe if I run for president, just 2,” he said.

What about his running for mayor?

“Eight I say as mayor,” Duterte said.

Duterte also gave a high figure for the possibility of his political retirement.

     Seven or six, if Inday would agree to run for mayor, he said. Inday is daughter former Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio who served a single mayoral term from 2010 to 2013.

 The ballpark figures on his political future was reported by Sunstar Davao as supporters of the mayor egging him to run remain in the dark about the mayor’s final moves.

Duterte said retirement could be a final option.

On Sunday, October 11, the camp of Duterte shut down as false a report published in a news site that went into wide circulation in social media, that the mayor has decided to run for President.

     “I will retire. That’s what I told the people and I will do it and I will be there to fight for Mindanao,” Duterte said in the Sunstar report.

     The mayor, a leading light in the search for peace in Mindanao, is a strong advocate of a shift to a federal form of government.

     Saying federalism is the key to the solution of the country’s woes, including the communist and Muslim insurgency, Duterte starting late last year toured the country to drum up support for a shift to federalism from the present presidential type of governance.

Duterte said he himself is in the dark as to his final plan.

Waxing poetic, he said: “Until now, I am running at the speed of the time tunnel, the deadline is fast approaching, and I have yet to see the glimmer of that light in the end of the tunnel.”

But, he said the reckoning day should happen in Manila at the Comelec office on October 15, where he would personally file his candidacy if he decides to run for President.

Comelec mandates that except for candidates for local positions, those running for President, Vice President and Senator should file their COC in Manila.

“If I show my face there in the Comelec by the 15th, I will be filing my certificate of candidacy. It’s obvious but if you do not see me, I won’t file,” Duterte said in the Sunstar report.


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