Davao City Mayor Rodrugo Duterte said former President Fidel V. Ramos has advised him that if he (Duterte) becomes President his rule should gravitate around the principles espoused by national hero Jose Rizal.

If you make it, let Rizal be the guiding light of your governance, Duterte quoted Ramos as telling him during his visit to the Makati office of the former President.

But Duterte, in the Gikan sa Masa Para sa Masa television program on ABS/CBN-Davao on September 6,  said he told Ramos that he was not running for President in 2016.

Duterte has emerged as a presidential contender with his strong showing in the surveys, emerging behind top running independent Senator Grace Poe and Vice President Jejomar Binay of the opposition United Nationalist Alliance (UNA)  and ahead of Interior Secretary Mar Roxas of the ruling Liberal Party.

Ramos, Duterte said, did not discuss politics and did not say who he would support in the coming presidential election.

Duterte has to this day left in limbo his decision on whether to run or not.

He has cited family opposition, health, age and logistics as major reasons why he is not joining the race to Malacanang.

The health issue is dismissed by supporters as a weak alibi and close acquaintances say that Duterte, 70, is still “strong as a bull.”

Duterte’s daughter former Mayor Sara Duterte says no but his son, Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte is supporting his father’s presidential bid.

Duterte may have found an answer to his woes over funding and campaign machinery.

Last week, the Nacionalista Party (NP) of former Senator Manny Villar and the Partidong Demokratiko Pilipino/Laban (PDP/Laban) of former Senator Aquilino “Nene” Pimentel forged a coalition to support Duterte for President.

Duterte said Ramos, a prolific writer, gifted him with several of his books, including one about Rizal. Ramos, Duterte said, is a big fan of the national hero.  


Ramos’ advice to the mayor was his parting words as Duterte and his chief assistant Christopher “Bong” Go winded up the brief unscheduled visit Friday afternoon before the mayor took a flight back to Davao City.


Duterte’s meeting with Ramos had sparked wide speculations that Duterte’s presidential bid would be at the center of the discussion.

Ramos, chairman of the Lakas/National Union of Christian Democrats/Christian/Muslim Democrats (Lakas/NUCD/CMD), earlier  said he would revive the party for the 2016 elections.

The Lakas/NUCD/CMD was the political vehicle that propelled Ramos to the presidency in the 1992 election.

Last year during a visit in Davao City and after a meeting with Duterte and local political leaders, Ramos said he would like the next President to come from Mindanao.  



  1. For those who will vote wisely for the next leaders of the country , choose the leaders who are capable of good governance, an enemy of corruption and an investment expert.

    3 major problems of the country

    1. External Debts (in billions) : how can we improve the nation if we are focused in paying our debts ; high debts results in an extremely high tax rates for the citizens.

    2. Extreme poverty due to corruption and society imbalance : Many Politicians are easily duped with money by big business people, creating the 15% rich to be more richer ; the 35% middle class to stay status quo and the 50% poor to be extremely poor. It causes higher crimes and risk in security thereby for the POOR – a stomach that is hungry knows no laws and for the RICH – if the lawmakers can be bought then they do not have to follow the law religiously … Money for the filthy rich can just do so much shortcuts and under-the-table transactions.

    Even our Media are duped for small money in exchange of the truth , nobody will put a proven corruption into the news once money is stuffed in the media’s mouth. The Philippines had an agressive press but it did not check corruption. Individual press reporters could be bought, as could many judges. All these results in poverty and poor education for the 60% majority of the nation.

    3. National Divide : Political Divide starts to cause the archipelago to be confuse thereby citizens of the North and South are not one in following the Nation’s leadership. Various religious integration will be smooth if there is a good governance and system.

    The nation has a great natural resources, english language educated and many skilled able people but good leadership and good governance are vital for the nations harmony and unity.

    There was no reason why the Philippines should not have been one of the more successful of the ASEAN countries.

    In the 1950s and 1960s, it was the most developed, because America had been generous in rehabilitating the country after the war.

    A gel to hold the society together is missing. Only Unifying leaders with good governance can achieve national unity.

    Millions of educated and highly skilled professional filipinos (men and women) went out abroad to work, that’s simply not favorable for the nations progress. It helps a bit into remittances profit but it gives a large setback overall.

    Many Filipinos write and speak with passion. If we can stand together and act , we can achieve a greater heights rather than a third world country.

    For us to choose the next leaders, we need to observe the principles of the candidates.

    The candidates track records of governance towards corruption, security, education and national unity.
    The level of education achieved and performance in the past.

    This is applicable from President , VP, Senators , Congressman down to Mayors.
    We need outstanding leaders to improve our situation, please vote wisely.


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