Illegal Drugs, Systemic Defects In Political Set-Up Are Top Reasons For A Revolutionary Gov’t During 1st Year Of A Duterte Presidency

The gravity of the illegal drugs problem coupled with the systemic defects in the country’s political set-up are the two main reasons why Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte wants a revolutionary government during the first year of his term as president.

“The well spring of corruption is the constitution itself. For as long as the Constitution mandates that all money for government emanates from Congress, there will be no hope for the country. It is where all the wheeling and dealing starts,” Duterte told editors of the Philippine Daily Inquirer during a visit to the office Tuesday evening, August 25.

“Eto ang sasabihin ko sa ‘yo, pag wala yan, ayoko!” Duterte emphatically said as he pointed out that President Cory Aquino likewise temporarily closed congress days after she became president.

“Cory closed congress… do not worry, I have no ambitions of being a dictator… Why can’t you compare me to Cory?” Duterte told PDI editors. READ MORE



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