WATCH OUT CHINA! ‘President Duterte’ to allow return of US bases to Philippines

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The aggressive Chinese incursion into the West Philippine Sea has hurt the national pride and Filipinos are angered by the bullying.
But they can not do anything at the intrusion into Philippine territory by the Asian giant.
As Filipinos watched helplessly, the Chinese built a complex in one of the islets in the Spratleys.
The West Philippine Sea, a marine resource-rich Philippine territory, is taboo to Filipino fishermen: in several occasions, the Chinese Navy sank their fishing boats with water hoses.


Like an ant gearing for a fight with an elephant, Filipinos called for a boycott of China products. The call was a voice in the wilderness and did not lure takers — the Philippine economy is under the grip of Filipino tycoons with Chinese blood.
Some Filipinos think murder and want to vent their anger at the local Chinese community.
The hate-the-Chinese campaign has not taken flight – the Chinese are the country’s biggest employer. In these days of dreadful unemployment figures, Filipino workers would rather swallow national pride than lose jobs in businesses owned by Chinese. If my figures are right, in the Philippines today, eight out of ten workers toil for a Chinese-owned company.
President Benigno Aquino’s government is also helpless +against the breach on Philippine sovereignty. A solitary, discrepit naval ship of World War II vintage donated by the United States guards the whole of the West Philippine Sea against the modern, marauding Chinese Navy.
We have to admit that we are a David and China is the Goliath. The story about a David slaying a Goliath is biblical and impossible when you are a small impoverished nation fighting a giant like China which is not only an economic power but a military power as well.
JOKERThere is this funny suggestion that the Philippines gather all of its aswangs and send them flying with their brooms to the Chinese naval vessels in the West Philippine Sea to bite in the neck and seep the blood off the Chinese crewmen until they all die.
Alas, the Chinese vessels have sophisticated radars that can detect any flying object. And they have missiles to shoot down the aswangs!
JOKERAnd there is this joke that China may not fire a single shot if there is a war with Pinoys. All that the Chinese government has to do is to order millions of Chinese to face the Philippine islands, unzip their fly and piss together to drown the hapless Pinoys with their urine.
Is there hope for Filipinos to redeem their pride and recover the West Philippine Sea from the bullying Chinese?
Yes, if Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte becomes President of the Philippines.
In his formula, yes, there will be war but the Pinoys will not be fighting in it.
To fight a bully, you need a bully to side with you. That bully should be the United States of America.

US envoy excited by Duterte for President

Duterte is among the leading candidates for president in the 2016 election.
Duterte already has a plan on how to deal with the pesky Chinese.


Previously known for his anti-American posturings, Duterte has sodtened up on Uncle Sam and will lure the United States to the Philippines to defend the Filipinos against the Chinese.
He wants American bases, removed from Phlipine soil years ago, to return to the country.
“If I am the one to decide, I will cut Palawan lengthwise into two. The inner half will remain with us. The outer half I will lease to the United States,” Duterte told a recent forum in Palawan, the Philippine island nearest to the Spratleys.


Duterte said the Americans can have half of Palawan cheap: $5,000 a month.
With the Americans fighting on the side of the Pinoys, US aircraft carriers bsed in the Palawan bases can sail pronto to the West Pacific Sea to sink an intruding Chinese naval vessel.
Chinese navy men frantically swimming from the Spratley islands all the way to far, far China would be an exciting sight for those Filipino fishermen who clung to their half-sunken boats after they were hosed down by the Chinese Navy: Yehey! Kabalos mi!
The scenario of the West Philippine Sea turning into an inferno in a battle between the US and Chinese navies is in fact inevitable if China continues to squat on properties it does not own.
Take away the fact that the Americans and the Pinoys are allies, the US has as much personal interest as China in the West Philippine Sea.
The two giants are fighting for military and naval supremacy in the Asia-Pacific region—the West Philippine Sea is a vital cog in this race— and over the oil-rich area.
The Americans and the Chinese can kill each other there, Duterte said in jest in the Palawan forum.


In this battle between two giants, Duterte — syempre — thinks the Americans would win.
If this happens and the Chinese would stop their incursions and return the parts of the Spratleys that they stole from the Pinoys and order its naval force to return to China, Duterte would also ask the US forces to dismantle their bases in Palawan and go home to America.
Will this be the end of the story about the Pinoys and the bullying China?
Because an angered China will get back at the Pinoys for their defeat against the Americans, and will order millions of its denizens to face the Philippines, unzip their fly and piss together to drown the Pinoys with their urine!

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