THOSE WERE THE DAYS is today’s favorite song of Gov. Rodoldo del Rosario and Vice Governor Baby Suaybaguio
THOSE WERE THE DAYS is today’s favorite song of Gov. Rodoldo del Rosario and Vice Governor Baby Suaybaguio


The preliminaries to the race for governor in 2016 is getting hot in Davao del Norte flying on a sour note in Vice Governor Baby Suaybaguio meeting with an ugly face reports that retiring Governor Rodolfo del Rosario is fielding his son Rodney del Rosario for the post he would vacate in 2016.
For this, the Liberal Party, the party of del Rosario and Suaybaguio, is planning to expel the governor from the administration party.
Suaybaguio had hoped he would succeed the outgoing governor.
This early, even the public pulse is questioning del Rosario’s choice of Rodney they think would have difficulty in touching base with the hoi polloi of mostly rural DavNor.
How can a New Yorker understand our problems? is the most frequently asked question following the political entry of the goverrnor’s son.
Rodney is US-based and a virtual unknown in the province.


rodney-del-rosarioDavao del Norte Vice Governor Baby Suaybaguio is being pushed to use the whip as Liberal Party provincial chairman and expel retiring Governor Rodolfo del Rosario for endorsing his son Rodney as gubernatorial candidate, in violation of party rules.
Suaybaguio, like del Rosario, is on his last term and was deemed as the most likely LP candidate in the 2016 race for governor.
Del Rosario however has endorsed Rodney, who is not a member of the LP.
Party leaders egging Suaybaguio to expel del Rosario for making the gubernatorial post a family affair and for skirting party rules on candidates having to pass through party nomination and selection process.
The Liberal Party is built not on the basis of personalities nor of family relationships but on the basis of its platform, principles and ideals. The LP has a standing selection rules to follow, and that is to prefer party members and not outsiders. Governor Del Rosario has not even started the process of selecting the standard bearer for governor in 2016 nor he started the consensus-building or consultation process for this and now he suddenly has his choice, the online news site Rural Urban News in a report quotes an LP leader who it said begged to remain anonymous.
The report said party leaders want del Rosario’s violation of party rules brought up to LP chairman President Benigno Aquino and the LP National Executive Committee.


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