Showbiz spices up presidential derby

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte insists he is not running for President but he appears to already have his “dream team,” including his running mate in the coming 2016 election.
Duterte wants Batangas Governor Vilma Santos to be his vice president, said former Cotabato Governor Manny Pinol and Duterte aide Christopher “Bong” Go.
Santos, a superstar in Philippine movies during the prime of her career, is married to Senator Ralph Recto.
Pinol and Go told reporters Duterte made his choice while they were on their way to Antique recently for the mayor’s speaking engagement.
Recounting their conversation during the trip Piñol said the feisty mayor talked for the first time about the possibility of running in 2016 and who his dream running mate would be.
“It can’t be Grace Poe because I think she has decided to run for President,” Piñol recalled Duterte saying.
Duterte, he said, went on to say that “Vilma Santos would be a good choice.”
Go said he agreed that Santos would be a good choice because the Batangas governor did not only have star power but was also an outstanding government official and has not been tainted by corruption.
Piñol said Santos would be a good choice and her “aura of calmness and her infectious smile could soften the otherwise fiery and sometimes firm appearance of Rody Duterte.”


If there is a Duterte-Santos tandem, movie superstar Nora Aunor has expressed willingness to the offer that she would become the Vice Presidential running mate of Vice President Jejomar Binay.
We will be the brown unbeatable team, said Aunor.
The camp of Davao City Mayor Duterte recently bared its preference for Batangas Governor Vilma Santos – also a superstar in Philippine movies — as the best person to be paired to the mayor who is now being widely talked as a formidable presidentiable.
Aunor said a Jojo-La Aunor tandem could beat the Digong-Ate Vi tandem in the popularity ratings game.
She said she’s still the “Superstar” in the movie world while Binay is considered as the brown “Superman” in contemporary Philippine politics.
“It’s the Superman and Superstar in tandem, we’re the brown unbeatable tandem,” she said, citing their similar skin complexion.

Told by reporters she may have the same problem as presidentiable Senator Grace Poe who is hounded by her residency requirements, Aunor said “it’s the problem of Grace Poe and not mine. It’s for the court to decide! Bye! That’s all, thank you and see you in Malacanang!”

Robin for Duterte
Actor Robin Padilla has offered to be the campaign manager if Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte runs for President.
` We are a sick nation, we are a sick people who needs a Duterte, he said.
When asked how he will support Duterte, the actor said he would like to run Duterte’s campaign machinery.
Kahit ako maging campaign manager niya, said Padilla.
Padilla, who was interviewed by media at the lower House session that he attended to show support for the Bangsamoro Basic Law, said he and Duterte have long talked about the issue.


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