Davao City remains in the elite list of safest cities further improving its ranking to No. 5 Safest City in the World in the latest survey by an independent research and data-gathering website.
numbeoDavao City Police chief Vicente Danao credited the high ranking to the iron-fist policy of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, police work and public cooperation in the peace and order drive.
The new ranking for one of the Philippines’ fastest growing cities is five notches higher than its No. 9 position in the previous survey by Numbeo.com.
In the latest survey, Numbeo.com named the safest cities as:
(1) Osaka, Japan
(2) Seoul, South Korea
(3) Singapore
(4) Bursa, Turkey
(5) Davao City, Philippines
(6) Espoo, Finland
(7) Bergen, Norway
(8) Heidelberg, Germany
(9) Coimbra, Portugal
(10) Stuggart, Germany
Numbeo.com, which had been cited for its independent research and data-gathering by the New York Times, The Guardian, British Broadcasting Company, Forbes and Time magazines, is the largest website which utilizes user-generated data on cities and countries worldwide.
The website features rankings of cities in topics such as health care, cost of living, and quality of life.
In the latest survey, Davao City has a crime index of 18.18 and a safety index of 81.82. While at No. 9 in last month’s rating, the city’s crime index was 19.31 and with safety index of 80.69.
Davao City should also be the Philippines’ safest city if its crime and safety figures are compared to the national average crime index of 43.11 and safety index of 56.89.
In the Numbeo.com survey, Osaka, Japan topped the list with a safety index of 84.47, followed by Seoul, South Korea (83.42) and Singapore (83.36).
The fourth safest city is Bursa, Turkey which has a crime index of 17.66 and a safety index of 82.34, with Davao City at No. 5 with a crime index of 18.18 and a safety index of 81.82.
Davao City is followed by Espoo, Finland (81.16 safety index); Bergen, Norway (80.98); Heidelberg, Germany (80.78); Coimbra, Portugal (80.68); and Stuggart, Germany (80.53).

Davao City earned its highest ranking in the Numbeo.com ratings in a 2013 August survey by bagging the No. 4 spot with a crime index of 13.27 and safety index of 86.73.

That survey had Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates at the top with 9.53 crime index and 90.47 safety index. Lugano, Switzerland was ranked second with 9.84 crime index and 90.16 safety index and at third was Marbella, Spain with 11.22 crime index and 88.78 safety index.

The only Philippine city that made it to the Top 20 was Makati City which ranked 20th with a 18.75 crime index and 81.25 safety index.


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