Vice-President Jejomar Binay could gain more votes especially in Mindanao if Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte refuses to run in the 2016 presidential election, Pulse Asia president Ronnie Holmes said Monday.

Holmes said the May 30-June 5 survey of Pulse Asia showed Duterte getting a large number of votes in Mindanao, with 37% of Mindanao voters saying they would vote for him.

Binay had 18% support in Mindanao, former president Joseph Estrada got 16%, Senator Grace Poe got 15% and DILG Secretary Mar Roxas had 8% support.

Holmes said if Duterte does not run, his votes would be distributed among the other candidates.

“Some of the votes in previous surveys a large proportion of the votes of Duterte will go to Vice-President Binay. Senator Poe still has a fair share of his votes but you also have votes going to former president and now mayor Estrada, votes going to Senator Ping Lacson,” he said.

Asked if voters see the same “strong-arm” style of leadership in Binay that has been shown by Duterte, he said: “Not really the strong arm but more in terms of probably the experience that they share insofar as being local chief executives for a long time.”

He also said there might be a gender dimension on Duterte’s votes not going to Poe but this would need to be validated.

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