Who will be the next Davao City Mayor?

sara 2

p5 (1)Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and his children, Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte and former Mayor Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio, often clashed over politics. This state of discordance between the Dutertes is, in fact, something that is often received by the public with a special kind of delight — as if it is a spectacle.

Recently, the Dutertes met to discuss the family’s plans for the 2016 election. At the center of the discussion was who should run for mayor.

The issue it appears has not yet been resolved.

       “We skimmed over the issues, but we did not agree on anything yet,” said the mayor, adding that “I want Inday back.”

Duterte has been very vocal about his preference for his daughter to once again run for mayor in 2016. Vice Mayor Paolo, on the one hand, appears unaffected, saying he will seek for the mayoral post if his father will run for president.

Pressed to comment on how will he deal with this, Mayor Duterte said: “He might like it or not, he is my son. And he might not like my statements, still he is my son. Or I might not like his deportments at times. But the interest of the public must be served.”

The issue, he said, is bigger than his family.

“Our issue is, it’s not whether it is my daughter or my son because it is about governance and public trust and interest. That is the bottomline,” he said.

Duterte stressed that all he wants is to “protect the people” and whoever will replace him must continue what he has started for Davao. JMT, NewsDesk


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