Plea To Run Surges!

Zambales, Pangasinan join bandwagon

ebdaneThey waited for hours to see in person and listen to Mayor Rodrigo Duterte who had been invited by their governor Hermogenes Ebdane. The crowd which assembled at the sports complex in Iba, Zambales roared in glee when finally Duterte stepped out of car and waived at the crowd expressing his regrets for being late.

Governor Ebdane lost no time in welcoming and introducing Mayor Duterte whom he described as the man who has the clearest agenda among the presidentiables on how to address the problems of criminality and corruption in the country.

“Mayor Duterte is the solution we are looking for to what ails our country”, Ebdane told a crowd of over 2,000 who patiently waited for the Mayor.

After Iba, Governor Ebdane who was present in Davao City during the launching of the Federal Movement, invited Duterte to a more intimate meeting with business leaders in Subic Bay. The event was attended by groups of Masons and business leaders that include a sprinkling of foreign nationals doing business at the free port.

In his speech Duterte explained his reason why he is espousing the shift of the present unitary system of government to Federal Parliamentary.

The business groups complained to Duterte the rising criminality especially in Masinloc which according to them goes on unabated. In response the Mayor gave them a brief on how he deals with criminal syndicates especially those involved in drugs which he said in one of the factors behind the rise of other heinous crimes.

Before flying back to Davao City for Labor Day break, Mayor Duterte proceeded to Urdaneta, Pangasinan on invitation of Mayor Bombom Perez and former Pangasinan Vice Governor Gonzalo Duque.

The city gymnasium which had a holding crowd of over 1,000 was fully packed and hundreds more listened to Duterte’s speech on Federalism outside the arena.

In introducing Duterte, Vice Gov. Duque said that they understand why the Mayor has not declared his candidacy for the Presidency.

“ We understand the political dynamics why Mayor Duterte has not announced his plan”, Duque said.

When he asked those in the audience to stand if they will support the Davao City Mayor should he decide to run, everybody stood up in a deafening uproar. Later, they queued to sign a pledge of support for Duterte. CHITO A. FUENTES


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