With God slow in coming to give Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte thego-signal to run for President in 2016, the ‘Son of God’ says God has already sent his sign in the voice of people pushing him to run.

The voice of the people is the voice of God, said Davao City-based televangelist  Apollo Quiboloy.

Quiboloy, head pastor of the millions-strong The Kingdom of Jesus Christ The Name Above Every Name, preaches himself as the anointed “Son of God.”

duterte quiboloyQuiboloy strongly believes that God anddestiny have prepared Duterte to be President.

The pastor, who parlayed a small congregation in the 80s into a religious phenomenon that has spread worldwide, is a friend of Duterte and a strong supporter of the movement pushing Duterte to run for President.

Duterte has barged into the top three of surveys for presidential preference, but has yet to announce whether he will run or not.

Earlier this year, Duterte said he was waiting for “signs from God” before making a decision.   

 You cannot turn your back on the people. Remember that the voice of the people is the voice of God, Quiboloy told Duterte, during the celebration recently of the pastor’s 64th birthday.

Earlier, Quiboloy said he foresees Duterte becoming president because it is the destiny (of Duterte).

In his response to Quiboloy’s speech, Duterte said he never  coveted the presidency but added he would “humbly obey” if it is God’s will for him to run.

People are saying that I should run for president but that is not for me to decide. It is something which comes from God,” he said.


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