zooming ratingDAVAO CITY Mayor Rody Duterte’s support rating has climbed steadily from practically nothing last year to 16.2% in the latest polling by the Magdalo partylist group (April 14-16)

Duterte sprung a surprise with a 12% rating in the first survey this year by Pulse Asia (March 1-7). This high rating of support for someone new on the national stage was validated by the SWS survey (March 20-23) at 15%.

From this survey, the trend is very clear that the more Mayor Duterte goes around the country for his Listening Tour, the more people are attracted to the chief executive of the one of the most progressive and peaceful cities in the country and his advocacy for Federalism.

In the 4-month period, it appears Duterte is gaining at least 4% support on average. That is equivalent to 2 million a month if there are 50 million voters in the country.

What is even more amazing is the grassroots nature of his spectacular rise backed by countless volunteers here and abroad with practically nothing but the hope that the country could be better ran by someone with a vision for a federal-parliamentary shift of government, and someone with passion to carry this dream come true.



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