Duterte leap-frogs with huge gains in presidential surveys


Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has leap-frogged in two recent surveys– Pulse Asia and Novo Trends — on presidential preference as Vice President Jejomar Binay  suffers serious cuts in his percentage rating.

duterte for president

Although landing in fourth place in the March 21 to 25 survey of Novo Trends, Duterte barged into the Top 5 with a  five percent gain to notch 8.8 percent against  his 3.8 percent score in the October 2014 survey of Novo Trends.

Binay retained his lead but his 28 percent is a slide down the 29.3 percent he snagged in the previous Novo Trends survey.

`         Sen. Grace Poe came second with 19.3 percent, a big jump from the 11.8 percent she got in two Novo Trends survey last year.

Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago, who landed in third place,  also gained with 10.3 percent voter preference, up from her previous 7.9 percent in October 2014.

The Novo Trends survey was done in Manila involving 1,600 respondents.

Duterte’s rise in ratings with huge gains was also reflected in the survey of Pulse Asia.

In the March 1-7 survey of Pulse Asia, Duterte barged from nowhere for the first time into the winning circle landing in third place behind Binay and Poe.

The Novo Trends survey result is not representative of national sentiment having been only in Manila without the voice of the Visayas and Mindanao.

In the Pulse Asia survey in Mindanao, Duterte topped the race, grabbing 34 percent against Binay’s 22 percent.

The Visayas, topped by Binay in the Pulse Asia survey, was expected to go all out for Duterte, who traces his roots to Cebu and Leyte, in the next surveys. Duterte has been island-hopping in the Visayas since early this year with his Federalism Listening Tour, a series of speaking engagements where he promotes a shift to a federal form of government and feels people’s pulse on a Duterte presidential bid in 2016.


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