LOGO 162Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s presidential stock zoomed high in the latest survey of Pulse Asia, notching 12 points for third place behind frontrunner Vice President Jejomar Binay and second placer Senator Grace Poe.

162 FRONT PIC RODYThe third place finish shared with former President now Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada makes the Davao City Mayor the biggest gainer with a 7-point increase against his rating in the previous survey.

Binay still maintained his lead at 29 percent. Poe dropped from 18 to 14 percent while Erap managed to chalk in 2 percent more from the November survey result of 10%.   

   The most dramatic performance in the survey however is that of Duterte who, from virtually nowhere, scored 12 percent! That makes him the biggest winner even as he landed 3rd sharing the slot with Estrada. 

pulse asia 3REA MORE LOGO

Duterte left  behind Sen. Miriam Santiago (9%) and Sen. Bongbong Maecos (6%).

The tail enders are Roxas, Escudero, Cayetano, Trillanes, Lacson, and Gordon with less than 5% each.

    Binay is hanging on precariously as leader of the pack. Survey figures change by the minutes and by the events and with the Ombudsman issuance of the suspension order on his son Jun Jun Binay some political observers say that this will be telling on the vice president come next survey.  Jun Jun, the Makati Mayor, was able to wangle a TRO from the Court of Appeals.

Details of the survey indicates that Binay drew his biggest support from Visayas and Luzon.

He lost substantial followers from Mindanao which used to be his bailiwick in past surveys.

Duterte on the other hand grabbed the biggest chunk of his supporters from Mindanao where he scored the highest among all others. 

Duterte  made  his foray in the Visayas preaching Federalism only in the first week of March.

    Also last week he had an exclusive audience with the generals of the AFP and the PNP. Duterte was the most sought-after speaker in the Rotary International District Conventions last February.

   In a related development, Pulse Asia parallel survey results on Pres. BS Aquino trust and popularity showed his rating is on the dump.  Both surveys were taken in the first week of March.



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