Review of Davao City Tax Code urged

Dayanghirang: Tax Code outdated

dayanghirangCity Councilor Danilo Dayanghirang said the Local Tax Code is already outdated and has urged a review as part of efforts to increase taxes.

Dayanghirang, chair of the Davao City Council committee on finance and ways and means, said the Tax Code is five years old and should be amended to keep up with the times as business climate continues to improve and as financial demand of basic public service grows.

The Business Bureau said more than 30,000 new and old businesses have been registered for 2015.

City Hall is on an investment generation and tax collection drive as public demand for health, social, environmental protection and other services grow with population rising up to roughly 1.5 million.

Dayanghirang also batted for computerization of the City Treasurer’s Office and other revenue-collecting units to further increase tax collection.

Full computerization will also minimize corruption, said Dayanghirang.

The City Information Technology Center is currently working on a fully computerized tax collection system that will also include district offices of the City Treasurer and the City Assessor’s Office, the major tax collection offices.

The Davao City Council has approved an annual budget of P3.8 billion for government operations for 2015/ The budget last year was P3.1 billion.

  Dayanghirang said the increase in revenue last year was due in part to the computerization of the City Treasurer’s Office and new systems introduced in tax collection including a campaign to collect arrears in Real Property Tax.

We hope to be fully computerized this year, said Dayanghirang.



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