Public transport lack in Davao City hounds housing boom

alagHow will you transport thousands of people settling in new housing subdivisions in the city’s far-flung districts which are not served by public transport?

     By opening up new public transport routes to serve the settlements that have sprouted in distant, in-land areas, said Davao City Council floor leader Councilor Bernie Al-ag.

     As the city undergoes a boom in construction of low-cost and high-end housing subdivisions away from the urban center, lack of public transport has become a drawback for both developers and the buying public.

With prime lands at the outskirt of the city gobbled up for housing projects, developers are now invading large remote villages as far as Calinan in the third district and Mandug in the second district.

Al-ag, also chair of the committee on rules, laws and privileges and ordinances, said the Davao City Council would ask the Land Transportation & Franchizing Board (LTFRB) to open new routes for Public Utility Vehicles (PUV) to

these areas unserved by public transport.

Al-ag also proposed that shuttle buses and not only PUVs may be given franchize to serve these areas.


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