Will Aquino court Duterte to be the LP standard bearer?


If worse comes to worst, and the Liberal Party dumps Interior Secretary Mar Roxas as standard bearer, will President Benigno Aquino lure Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to lead the administration party in the 2016 presidential elections?

Over Roxas’ poor showing in the surveys, Aquino, chairman of the LP, said the party may pick a standard bearer other than Roxas

In poll surveys, there are potential wannabes on the line for Aquino to pick, who are either LP stalwarts or aligned in a coalition with the LP, as Roxas’ replacement.

Among them, could be   Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, a long-time LP member, who has made headway in voters’ preference in various surveys.

 Recently, Duterte landed Number 7 in the Top Ten of a presidential survey by Novo Trends PH.

     The ranking came even as Duterte denies he is not joining the 2016 presidential race.

       The results…

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