EDITORIALMost despicable 

The most despicable scum on this earth that has ever set foot in Davao City could be this Jun Alcover.

Even out of Davao, he stinks.

If there is a monkey that rides on the back of the Dabawenyos, it is this inconsequential piece of homo sapien that has a brain proportionate to the junk that comes out of his mouth.

alcoverHe irritates the Dabawenyos with his foul language. Sometimes they react to this scum but most often they resign themselves to the fact that there is no point in debating with somebody who should be locked up in a mental institution.

And who is this Alcover?

In the 2010 mayoral election, he pitched camp with Prospero Nograles against Inday Sara Duterte. Nograles, the favorite whipping boy of the Dabawenyos every election, of course lost, swallowed by karma thanks to Alcover and the junk of lies he hurled against Sara and her father, Rodrigo Duterte.

Alcover had also been declared by Davao City councilors as ‘perona non grata’ for saying the city was crawling with criminals and communists.

Leoncio “Parago” Pitao, leader of the New People’s Army (NPA) Pulang Bagani Command was not to be left behind. He declared Alcover as ‘persona etsapwera’ with orders to the NPA Kangaroo Court to punish Alcover who masquerades himself as a fearless anti-communist. Alcover has never set foot again in Davao City since 2010.

Of late, garbage flew out of Alcover’s mouth straight from his anus without passing the brain.

He accused Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte as a communist and a criminal who is not fit to be President of this country.

For that unforgivable sin against their mayor, Dabawenyos including fans of Duterte from all over the country, retaliated with a tsunami of invectives in Alcover’s Facebook page, where this scum fired his blast at the mayor.

There were about a dozen painful adjectives that the Duterte fans used as weapon of destruction against Alcover    : moron, amaw, bayot, sissy, etc.

Our favorite was: TAE.














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