PULONG Duterte merits a new black belt in Taekwondo


By Romy Sabaldan

PAOLO DUTERTE, Vice-Mayor of Davao City, has no qualms over his achievements in martial arts being published in the newspaper.


We just took the initiative to do what is needed for public information and exemplify to our young people a model in sports excellence emanating from the core of leadership and public service.

Being a Duterte, the young presiding officer of the city’s lawmakers cannot hide from the spotlight especially of his hard-earned promotion in the art of self-defense.

Those who have attained a certain degree of expertise in man-to-man combat usually do not flaunt what they possessed and are capable of doing on their own.

The Vice-Mayor may have been enticed to do the rigors of the popular South Korean sport for his physical well-being, discipline and self-confidence.

As second highest public official in command, he is always surrounded with alert and menacing bodyguards who are trained VIP escorts, versed in the quickdraw and with bullets flying faster than the quickest ax kicks.

It was not easy for the young Duterte to achieve the feat following long years of practice in the art.

Master Kim himself, who is the pioneering spirit of the martial arts sport in Mindanao, would only issue such kind of promotion under the strictest scrutiny and years of training by his proteges applying the traditional discipline which had made South Korean Taekwondo artists the dominant Olympic champions since the sport was admitted as one of the newest, official Olympic events.

Martial arts sports originating from the different friendly nations have always been an effective tool to promote unity, diplomacy and sports-cultural exchanges. In fact our own doble baston is very popular and widely practiced as a physical fitness program in such big first world countries as Canada, the United States, Germany and Great Britain.

Taekwondo is to South Koreans as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to the Brazilians, Judo and Karate to the Japanese and Arnis de Mano to us Filipinos.



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