Inday Sara: I would rather be a TV star


Given a choice between Davao City Hall and GMA Television Network, where does the heart of the Kapuso local star belong?

una ka baiI would rather be a TV star, said lawyer Sara ‘Inday’ Duterte-Carpio, former City Mayor, former Vice Mayor and daughter of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

The quote is attributed to a report by a friend in media of Inday Sara, who does not want to be identified.

fmaAnd the star in the popular segment, Kay Ingon Ni Inday, of the GMA-Davao daily morning public affairs television program Una Ka Bai.

     The prospect of Inday Sara, City Mayor from 2010 to 2013) returning to City Hall is looming with Mayor Duterte announcing his retirement from politics in 2016.

     The mayor said he wants Inday Sara to succeed him.

I intend to retire, that’s why I’m asking Inday to run as mayor again, he said.

Duterte said Inday Sara proved herself to be a leader when she was the city mayor.

     Married to lawyer Mans Carpio, Inday Sara appears to be enjoying her life with family and her law practice with partner Mans and as a star in her own segment on GMA.

     After cutting her short mayoral stint by not seeking reelection in 2013, Inday Sara however said she is not closing the doors on returning to politics.

     But for now, she is enjoying the little fame she gets from the GMA show and as endorser of several well-known products in television and radio advertisements.

     While Mayor Duterte’s retirement could pave the way for Inday Sara’s return to City Hall, doubts are circulating that the 20-year mayor may be leaving City Hall but not politics.

  By not seeking reelection, is Mayor Duterte gearing up for the 2016 presidential race?

     Speculations are rife that Duterte leaving the mantle of local political leadership of the Dutertes to Inday Sara in 2016, is a sign the mayor could be preparing for a higher position in the next election.

     Duterte is being pushed to run for President in 2016 but he has persistently said he is not interested in the top post.

     An ongoing signature campaign to convince him to run has already netted more than 10 million signatures.   

Duterte has said he wants to retire by 2016 and disowned the “Duterte for President Movement,” the group spearheading a signature to convince him to run.

The group said it has netted nationwide more than 10 million signatures to convince Duterte to run.

Some quarters say Duterte opting to see Inday Sara taking his place in 2016 meant he could be clearing an obstacle for a presidential run by not seeking a mayoral reelection.


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