Cayetano: ‘President Binay’ will jail critics


Senator Peter Alan Cayetano dreads at the thought of President Jejomar Binay becoming President in 2016.

I fear that Binay will jail all those investigating him if he becomes president in 2016, said Cayetano on ANC’s Headstart.

parking buildingThe Senate Blue Ribbon sub-committee is investigating Binay over complaints of overpricing in the Makati City Parking Building. The probe has expanded into alleged ownership of the Binay family of the 350-hectare Binay Hacienda in Batangas.

trillanes cayetanoActively taking part in the Senate investigation are Cayetano and Senators Antonio Trillanes and Koko Pimentel, all political allies of President Benigno Aquino, whose Liberal party is fielding Interior Secretary Mar Roxas in the presidential race.

Binay is the presidential bet of the opposition United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) of former President now Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada.

Cayetano’s fear is real, with Binay warning the Senators will have their bad hair days if he makes it to Malacanang in 2016.

They will be liable for their own offenses if I win in 2016, said Binay earlier.

Binay, who has refused to respond to invitations to appear in the probe, has denied the charges and said those investigating him are threatened by his presidential bid. The Senate investigation, he said, is a farce aimed to derail his bid to become President.


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