Mayor orders total ban vs trikes on highways

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has ordered a total ban against passenger pedicabs and motorcycle taxis (habal-habal) plying national highways after the fiery death of two people in a vehicular accident in Sirawan, Toril.

pedicabsPedicabs and habal-habal are already banned by law on highways but are popular forms of transport in Toril. In delivering passengers to hinterland villages, the vehicles must also traverse the national highway.

     Dozens of people have already died in accidents in the highways even as authorities keep a tight watch on violators of the ban.

     In the latest accident captured by Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) of the Public Safety Command Center (PSCC) installed in the area, a pedicab rammed head-on into an approaching bus and burned in flames killing its driver and passenger.

Duterte said he wants hard-headed pedicab and habal-habal drivers shot to death by authorities if they violate the ban and violently challenge their authority to impose the law.

Duterte said traffic officers may shoot down violators who resist and put lives of the enforcers at risk.

He said he would provide legal help to the traffic enforcers if needed.

Duterte said he is imposing the harsh policy because the drivers place people’s lives at risk by illegally operating in the national highways.



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