CCTV owners warned vs. ‘suppression of evidence’


imagesEstablishment owners who refuse to turn over to police authorities video footages that captured crime in their area through Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras could be accused of suppression of evidence.

     At worse, they could also be charged as accessory to the crime, said Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

     A Davao City  ordinance mandates that business with capital of at least P3 million should install CCTVs in their establishments.

     Duterte said businesses which refuse to cooperate with police in the solution of the crime by turning over the video footage could face harsh sanctions from City Hall.

     We will revoke your business permit, he said, addressing business owners who refuse to cooperate with police.

     Duterte gave the warning after reports of some business owners refusing to turn over video footage to police investigating a crime in their establishment.

I am talking as a lawyer not a mayor. There is a law requiring business establishments to have CCTV camera to help prevent or minimize crime, Duterte said.

Because of your refusal to turn over the footage, you become an accessory to the crime. And because you are an accessory to the crime, you are also a criminal, so I will have to close down your business, Duterte said.




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