Of Digong, VAMC & terrorist wives

photo by king rodriguez/sunstardavao
photo by king rodriguez/sunstardavao

TOP SECRET. A good cop would do anything to serve the public. They risk their lives to fight criminalities. At any time they would come to the succor of the helpless and the distraught. Fact is if you have problems of the heart there are many cops who could listen and advise on how to manage your love life. There are also cops who can ably handle domestic quarrels, some of them experts on how a husband should handle a terrorist wife and abort a World War. Unfortunately there are also many police officers who go home to a wife who day-in, day-out, yaks and nags and inflict on them all kinds of torture. The cops solve other people’s problems but are stuck with their own that they cannot solve.

durian beatLITTLE DEMONS. In Philippine society today, the women, so-called “weaker sex,” have become a privileged lot given rights that men wished they have too. There are many wives of the Abu Sayyaf breed who get away with their terroristic habit of inflicting physical and verbal abuse on their husbands. Most often, the battered hubbies keep their miseries to themselves, for the sake of domestic peace or because they don’t have legal weapons to shoot their little demons.

INGAT KA! The women? Oooopppsss, ingat ka! Pinch her nose and she could run to the barangay, to Mayor Rodrigo Duterte or to the courts to complain about her rights  as a woman being violated under the Violence Against Women and Children (VAWC) law.

GENDER EQUALITY. This is the  mantra of women rights activists in pushing government to pass the VAWC law to protect women against all forms of abuse. With many husband-hating women abusing their rights under VAWC and the poor hubbies meekly suffering and accepting their goddamn fate in the hands of their Abu Sayyaf wives, it is time that gender equality should be placed under intense discussion anew. This time, it should be the men demanding it and calling for a law that would protect them from abusive partners. For the sake of gender equality, there oughta be a law called VAMC or the Violence Against Men and Children. Are you a battered husband? Please raise your hands. And let us give Gabriela stiff competition!

JOKENINGDANAO. If I am seeing Davao City Police chief Vicente Danao raising his hand, we have found the poster model for this noble cause of bringing back the real meaning of manhood. Danao’s story has gone public due to a video posted on YouTube showing him in a domestic encounter with his wife. The video had him and partner in a shouting match with the police officer holding his temper so as not to physically hurt the woman. The video has sparked controversy, and loud voices from the publicity-seeking Gabriela. The PNP has suspended Danao — over the video and battery raps filed by his wife—but he has been reinstated to indicate police policy that domestic matters should not matter for as long as a police officer performs his job to serve the public. Is Danao a battered hubby? We don’t know, his domestic woes having been quartered, up to the time of the YouTube video, in the confines of his home. But his courage to fight for his right and face up to a critical public and media, all the more convinces us that he could be the right man to lead the fight against abusive wives and the demand of the male specie for government to pass a VAMC for the sake of gender equality and battered hubbies. Hehehehe.

DIGONG. Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is on the right track in defending Danao and maybe, also the other police (and military) officers in the same footing as Danao. In wake of Danao’s suspension, Duterte has revealed that he has brought up to PNP higher authorities in Camp Crame the case of Danao.

LENIENCY. Duterte said he has suggested that leniency on police officers in trouble over domestic problems and being investigated for omissions that could lead to suspension. Duterte’s line was that any police officer colliding with VAWC should be allowed to continue working, face his case in an investigation by police authorities or in the courts, without being suspended for as long as such violations do not affect their performance as police officers. We think PNP heard Duterte as Danao has been reinstated because the video and the battery rap filed by his wife did not affect his credibility as a performing police officer.

WAR ZONES. And what is Duterte’s take on officers like Danao? Police leniency should come into play because no matter that they have domestic troubles, the public needs their services to keep the community safe. These officers go to the war zones to fight criminals (and referring to soldiers) and communist rebels, according to Duterte. This sacrifice for the sake of the public should be up, above and over the lesser offense of a police officer responding in defense of his manhood to the cruelties of a partner with the blood of an Abu Sayyaf running in her veins.





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