Danao back as Davao City Police chief

Police Senior Superintendent Vicente Danao is back to his post as director of the Davao City Police Office (DCPO).

 Philippine National Police (PNP) Region XI director Chief Supt. Wendy Rosario reinstated Danao to his post effective October 2, a month after the police officer  was “administratively relieved” by PNP national in Camp Crame following complaints of physical injuries and grave misconduct filed his wife.

Reports said Rosario signed Danao’s reinstatement on recommendation by a fact-finding committee which found that the complaint of his wife has no bearing on his function as a police officer.

Prior to his suspension, Danao became a local celebrity following a video on YouTube showing him shouting at his wife during a domestic trouble inside their house.

The women rights group Gabriela had accused Danao of violation of the Violence Against Women and Children (VAWC) law and held a picket at the DCPO demanding the police officer’s ouster.

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte had adversely reacted strongly to Danao’s suspension by Camp Crame saying the police regional could conduct the probe even as Danao remains DCPO chief. Duterte also said Danao quarreling withhis wife has nothing to do with his being a police officer.

Duterte said quarrels between a police officer and wife are normal domestic conflicts.

Tell me who is the police general who does not quarrel with his wife, Duterte said sarcastically as the YouTube video of Danao and his wife became viral.

Even as he has been reinstated, the regional police Internal Affairs Service (IAS) will continue its investigation on the complaints filed against Danao by his wife.

The investigation was “moto propio” purposely for performance evaluation, said a report by the Philippines News Agency (PNA).

PRO XI Information Officer P/Sr. Supt. Antonio Rivera said the team investigating Danao had found that the video was not properly evaluated; meaning there was no identity of who took the video and whose statement is important to get the vital information about the incident. While he is not privy on the process of investigation, Rivera said it was also important to know if the video uploaded on social media was shown in its entirety.

However, he emphasized that the investigation factored on whether it has affected the performance of Danao.

According to Rivera, the investigation concluded that it did not affect Danao’s performance.

In fact, Rivera said “DCPO was flying high with accomplishments with several high profile cases resolved under him.” He cited the case of King, Garcia, a lawyer, among others.

Rivera however noted that the investigation on the video was different from the administrative cases filed by Danao’s wife with RIAS.

“It has nothing to do with the cases filed by his wife,” River said in an interview.

The complaint of the wife was first filed before the Philippine Consulate in California, USA which in turn forwarded the sworn affidavit to the National Internal Affairs Service (NIAS) in Camp Crame in November last year. NIAS then forwarded the same to RIAS on January 9, 2014.

RIAS recommended the filing of administrative charges after finding probable cause based on the pieces of evidence submitted by the wife. Among them are copies of police blotter and medical certificates. The video showing Danao hitting or almost hitting his wife was not among the evidence, thus RIAS has no jurisdiction on the video.

The complaint covered incidents of physical abuse since 2002 when Danao was  still holding the rank of “Major”. The wife alleged she was hit by Danao  on December 6, 2002; then on January 28 2003; on March 24, 2003; and May 10, 2003.

RIAS is only waiting for the response of Danao’s wife on the case hearing schedule since she is now based in the United States (US). (with PNA report)



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