There is nothing personal in the exchange of words over differing opinions between Mayor Rodrigo  Duterte and his son, Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte.

We are not fighting, said Mayor Duterte.

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The mayor said that if he and the vice mayor disagree on certain matters on governance, it is merely an exchange of ideas.

This is part of a healthy democracy, he said.

People should not expect the City Council and the office of the mayor to agree on all matters all the time, Mayor Duterte said.

The mayor also had no qualms about raising his own different opinions, when he was the vice mayor and his daughter, Inday Sara was the mayor, if he thought there are things that he needed to say.

In the latest of such clashing positions, Mayor Duterte openly frowned on a city council resolution declaring comedian Ramon Bautista over a remark that disparaged Davao women.

Ironically, the resolution inspired by the vice mayor, stemmed from a reaction by former mayor Inday Sara to a joke dished out by Bautista about Davao City having many “hipon.”

In youthspeak, hipon (shrimp) means a woman with a beautiful body but with an ugly face.

Bautista delivered the joke at a rave party that Inday Sara attended, in time with the celebration of the Kadayawan Festival last month.

Despite the city council resolution, Mayor Duterte said Bautista is still welcome to the city.

 Earlier on, Mayor Duterte also pointed to legal loopholes in the Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) ordinance approved by the Davao City Council, which was inspired by Vice Mayor Duterte.

In Inday Sara’s time as mayor, Mayor Duterte then the vice mayor, also lashed at the request of Mayor Sara to the Philippine National Police (PNP) to declare a gun ban as the city celebrated the Araw ng Dabaw.

The ban, according to the then vice mayor, would leave civilians helpless against armed criminals.

Already in private life, Inday Sara had her day at hitting at a City Hall policy last year when Mayor Duterte issued an executive order imposing speed limits in city streets.

Inday Sara said the EO clashed with national traffic laws.

Mayor Duterte dismissed his daughter’s comments and the speed limit order is now in place.

Mayor Duterte, however, is also quick to defend his children during rough times.

He had, two years ago, defended Paolo over rumors of his son’s alleged links to a carnapping syndicate and dared anybody to kill Paolo if he is involved in crime. The rumors came as authorities dismantled the Baktin carnapping gang, which based in Davao City.

Mayor Duterte also strongly defended Inday Sara when as mayor she mauled a court sheriff who refused to follow her request to hold off demolition of about 200 squatter shanties in a privately-owned property in Agdao.


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