Davao City Mayor Rodrigo said he is fed up with reports about him running for president, and joked he would ‘kill’ those behind groups pushing him to run in 2016.

     I would kill those who started this, he jested in his Gikan sa Masa Para sa Masa television program on ABS/CBN-Davao on Sunday, September 21.

     This developed as co-host lawyer-journalist Geraldine Tiu told Duterte that another group in the capital region called Center for Enterprise Advancement (CEA)  has surfaced to announce it is conducting a nation-wide signature campaign to convince the mayor to run for a higher office.

     Duterte said he does not know the group and has nothing to do with its activities. Duterte has repeatedly said he is not running for president.

     In Manila last week, CEA executive director Dave Diwa  said Duterte was picked as a ‘successor’ to President Benigno Aquino in Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) the group conducted in 20 locations in Manila participated in by various sectors.

     The now-snowballing move to convince Duterte to run for president was started late last year by Davao City village officials.

     Pilipinas Duterte for President 2016 claims it has already gathered more than 10 million signatures in their campaign that stretched to the Visayas and Luzon and almost all parts of Mindanao.

     Group head Mar Masanguid, a village chairman, said those who signed in the campaign even volunteered to establish support machineries for a Duterte presidential run.


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