POLICE ACADEMY looking for applicants

DAVAO CITY- The Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA) needs able, responsible and well-motivated youths who have the aptitude for service to meet the varied and challenging duties of a public safety service officer.

He or she must be a natural-born Filipino citizen of good moral character, single with no parental or financial obligation to anybody, must be 18 years old and not more than 22 years old on April 15, 2015, height of at least 162. 5 meters (5’4”)  for male and 157/5 cm (5’2”) for female. Weight must not be more than or not less than 5 kilograms of the standard weight corresponding to height, age and sex.

Other requirements include he or she must be a high school graduate, must be able to perform the following physical fitness exercises (3 pull-ups (male), full arms hanging (30 seconds), 2 minute pushups (15 for male, 10 for female), 2 minute sit-ups (30 for male, 25 for female), 100 meter dash (18 seconds for male, 20 seconds for female), 3 kilometer run (27 minutes for male, 30 minutes for female)..

Interested applicants must be physically and mentally fit for cadetship training, no criminal, administrative or civil case and derogatory records, not a former PNPA cadet or other service academies and must pass the Cadet Admission Test.

Examinations will be held on October 26, 2014 and will cover communication skills, logical and reasoning ability, math and sciences, general information and current events, values and aptitude for service.

Those interested can submit duly accomplished application  together with a self-stamped window envelop to the office of the registrart or mail to The Director, (Attn: Registrar), Philippine National Police Academy, Camp General Mariano Castaneda, 4129, Silang Cavite. Deadline of submission of application is on September 26, 2014. For more details log on to www.pnpa.edu.ph (PIA/RG Alama)



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