ANAKBAYAN: “If Ninoy was alive today he would stand up against Noynoy’s yellow dictatorship”

Youth group Anakbayan declares that if Ninoy was alive today he will surely stand up against Noynoy’s “yellow dictatorship”.

“If Ninoy was alive he would have been Noynoy’s #1 critic. Noynoy’s undemocratic plans of using Cha-cha for term extension, curbing the powers of the Supreme Court, and filling his legislature of yellow zombies will surely infuriate Ninoy,” said Vencer Crisostomo, Anakbayan National Chairperson.

“As a critic, there is a chance that Ninoy would be a victim of the Aquino administration’s ongoing fascism,” Crisostomo added.

The youth group also pointed out that other than Aquino’s “yellow dictatorship”, Ninoy would have also been infuriated by Aquino’s policies that show his puppetry to the US, and his anti-people agendas.

“Ninoy would surely oppose Noynoy’s blatant puppetry to the US, his proliferation of corruption via pork schemes and his push for the anti-people neoliberal agenda if he was alive today,” said Crisostomo.

Anakbayan vowed to continue to stand up against the “yellow dictatorship”. Protest actions will be launched in 22 and 25 against the “yellow dictatorship”.

“We invite everyone who is concerned for their country, and does not want another dictator to join the protest actions on 22, and in Luneta on 25. If Ninoy was alive he would have surely supported the public clamor against the Thief Executive and his pork gang,” Crisostomo concluded.


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