DUTERTE TO AQUINO: Another 6-year term is ‘idiotic’

” You are not the savior of this universe”

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, a staunch supporter of President Benigno Aquino, has expressed opposition to proposals to amend the constitution and extend the President’s term.

“The statement that says there must be a second term (for Aquino) to save democracy is pure b*** s***,” Duterte said.

The mayor was reacting to proposals coming mostly from Aquino supporters and Malacañang over extending the President’s term which can only be made possible through constitutional change.

This country is run by elections. If the people decide to elect a son of a b*****, then that’s their choice,” Duterte said.

Aside from the President’s term extension, Duterte said charter change will also limit the powers of the Supreme Court.

“Now they also want to amend the constitution and clip the powers of the Supreme Court. Patay tayo d’yan (We’re dead),” Duterte said.

The constitution may only be a piece of paper but it holds the country together from Jolo to Aparri, he said.

“You destroy that paper then you destroy the country,” he added.

But Duterte believes Aquino is a good president and has given his best to serve the Filipino people and the country.

“The President is good, he is very clean. That’s why I supported him last elections,” he said.

If given a chance to talk to the President, Duterte said he would tell him to calm down and “not be the savior of this universe because we are not. Leave it to the people to decide.”

He however admitted that “nobody can stop the Congress if they want it. It must be for good reason.”

“But if you say that you are trying to amend the constitution to save democracy then that’s an idiotic thing,” Duterte said.

He said that democracy in the country is very much alive, but the problems are those who were elected to various positions in the government. MANILA BULLETIN



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