Reconciliation set in Davao City Council July 29 session

durian logoThe controversy over a disco party planned by an event organizer in the coming Kadayawan sa Dabaw Festival in August that was in danger of being scuttled will end Tuesday next week in a ‘love scene’ in full public view right inside the august halls of the City Council, Davao City’s legislative body.

JOKENINGThe spectacle would write finis to a three-week old brouhaha over ‘Kadayawan Invasion Rave Party,’ a paid-entrance disco party of drinking and music in Davao City’s Crocodile Park grounds organized by Manic Nightnings Production.

The planned disco party has been at the center of heated public and media discussion the past two weeks after being fired with critical attacks by local officials particularly by members of the Davao City Council for alleged violations by its organizer in several past holdings of a similar event.

The Kadayawan Festival Executive Committee, with several citylnland dleonor councilors as members, earlier had put on hold endorsement for approval of application for special permit for the disco party, over allegations young partygoers drank booze and smoked grass in past discos organized by Manic. To top if off, the execom was also informed that the discos, attended by thousands of young Dabawenyas, came in sexy, skimpy two-piece attires that bordered on the lewd and went into drunken, wild dancing in the all-night disco party.

In this ‘City of Don’ts,’ selling to and drinking by minors and smoking in public are banned by ordinances; another ordinance declares taboo the wearing of two-piece suits in public events.

The mayor of this ‘City of Don’ts,’ Rodrigo Duterte, also has an extreme hatred for drug users and pushers, a feeling shared by Dabawenyos to explain their tolerance of summary executions by suspected Davao Death Squad gunmen of suspected drugs pushers.

The Kadayawan Invasion’s doom was sealed after event organizer Kat Dalisay, the woman behind Manic, came out bristling hot from a recent meeting of the Kadayawan execom, angered by grilling by city councilors over her disco party’s alleged violations of ordinances, policies and rules and regulations of the city of don’ts that included unpaid amusement tax for previous discos.

She would go berserk after the meeting by going public with a post in her Facebook account calling the members of the City Council as ‘hypocrites.’

Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte and the city councilors did not take the insult lightly and invited Dalisay to the July 22 regular session to justify her assault on the integrity of the honorables and to explain the alleged violations of her disco party of ordinances, policies and rules and regulations of the City of Don’ts.

After a 3-hour grilling, city councilors were not convinced by Dalisay’s explanation and passed a resolution requesting Mayor Duterte for City Hall’s business bureau to revoke the business permit of Manic Nightnings Production.

      But a knight in shining armor in the form of Mayor Duterte, the father of the vice mayor aka Pulong, and the father of the many don’ts in this City of Don’ts, has come to the rescue of Dalisay and her wild party.

Loosening his rules a bit Mayor Duterte said local ordinances banning sexy dresses – as in young partygoers in Dalisay’s disco in bras and skimpy shorts — run against constitutional right to freedom of expression. He frowned on the city council being uncomfortable with sexy partygoers.

After all, he said, young Dabawenyos enjoy rave parties.

“I will not allow anybody to stop the young from partying,” Mayor Duterte said in a statement clashing head-on with the position of his son VM Pulong and his gang at the Davao City Council.

Mayor Duterte said though that the rules stick on the ban on smoking and drinking by minors especially in public places. He said the rave party should proceed if Dalisay pays her past tax obligations.

Dalisay has apologized for calling as hypocrites the honorable members of the Davao City Council, during her July 22 appearance in the august chamber of the legislative body, in interviews with media and has pulled out the post, wherein she tagged as ‘hypocrites’ the honorable members of the Davao City Council, from her Facebook account.

“As a mayor, I told her to ask forgiveness, pay her taxes and start all over again,” Duterte said.  “Now that she has apologized, what else do you want?” Duterte said.

In wake of the mayor’s statement, city councilor Al Ryan Alejandre, the self-appointed spokesman of the Kadayawan execom, reportedly wants to put a close to the issue and wanted a public show of Dalisay and company making it up with the city councilors during a regular session of the city council.

The Kadayawan is about happiness, so we don’t want anybody to be unhappy during the celebration next month, a source close to the city councilor quoted Alejandre.

The source said Alejandre, who has publicly admitted that he moonlights as an event organizer, has requested VM Pulong to invite Dalisay for her second appearance at the city council session on July 29.

A source from the Manic camp said Dalisay was elated that she had the father of the City of Don’ts as a defender and herself asked Alejandre to set up her ‘kiss and make up’ appearance at the Davao City Council.

The source also said that if the ‘kiss and make up’ event happens on July 29, the Davao City Council session hall would be jam-packed with hundreds of young, lovely Dabawenyas who will show their support to Dalisay and her Kadayawan Invasion.

They will be attending the session in two-piece attires to give their support to Mayor Duterte and Kat and to show that there is nothing wrong with being sexy in Davao City, said the source.



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